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In Kid Icarus: Uprising there are challenges or treasure hunts like in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (SSBB) that require you to do a certain task like defeating a certain boss with a certain weapon, clearing a chapter with a certain type of weapon, or playing on certain intensities. Just like in SSBB there is an item that can open challenges here: a feather (in SSBB its a hammer).

By unlocking these squares you:

  • Unlock idols, weapons, powers, and music.
  • Gain new and even more powerful weapons.
  • Create a picture. In the beginning you start with Palutena's and then as you proceed to level 18 you gain Viridi's. The last one you unlock is after you finish Hades once and for all, giving you Hades's treasure hunt.

All together there are three treasure hunts that are 120 blocks each, giving 360 challenges. Five squares in each 120 set gives an extra feather so that challenges that are too hard to complete can be skipped. The first ones you get are your first idol and defeating your first boss (twinbellows).