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Kid Icarus: Uprising allows players to fuse weapons. In this process, elements of two old weapons are preserved as they are combined into a new weapon. In general, fusing two weapons of the same power nets a more powerful weapon than either of the two. This can be roughly calculated by a weapon's value, which is 100 or higher.

The results of weapon fusion are shown prior to the actual process, but even before that, it is possible to predict the results of fusions. For example, combining the same types of weapons will result in the same products, even if the exact qualities of the weapons differ. This makes it possible to create specific weapons via fusion.

It is also possible to fuse weapon-gems, although the result have to be paid with hearts. As long as a weapon is not unlocked (through progress in chapters or the treasure hunt), it cannot be created through fusion.

Class Results[edit]

The following is a chart of weapon fusion based on the nine different types of weapons found in the game.

Blade Staff Claws Bow Palm Club Cannon Orbitars Arm
Blade Claws Claws Club Palm Arm Staff Staff Palm Bow
Staff Claws Cannon Arm Arm Cannon Claws Blade Club Orbitars
Claws Club Arm Club Club Arm Bow Bow Staff Staff
Bow Palm Arm Club Cannon Club Palm Orbitars Cannon Blade
Palm Arm Cannon Arm Club Arm Blade Blade Bow Orbitars
Club Staff Claws Bow Palm Blade Orbitars Orbitars Claws Blade
Cannon Staff Blade Bow Orbitars Blade Orbitars Palm Claws Staff
Orbitars Palm Club Staff Cannon Bow Claws Claws Cannon Palm
Arm Bow Orbitars Staff Blade Orbitars Blade Staff Palm Bow

Exact Results[edit]

Using a combination of the above chart and the list below, it is possible to identify the results of any weapon fusion in advance, and to determine the ingredients of a certain Fusion.

Each 12 weapon types per class has a value from 1 to 12. When fusing weapons, add the values of the associated weapons together, consult the table to identify which weapon type is created, and associate the number with the proper weapon below to identify which category of weapon will be created as a result. If the value is above 12, simply subtract 12 from the value. For example, a Divine Bow is associated with 4, and the Rose Staff with 3. The result is a Bowl Arm.


  1. First Blade
  2. Burst Blade
  3. Viper Blade
  4. Crusader Blade
  5. Royal Blade
  6. Optical Blade
  7. Samurai Blade
  8. Bullet Blade
  9. Aquarius Blade
  10. Aurum Blade
  11. Palutena Blade
  12. Gaol Blade


  1. Insight Staff
  2. Orb Staff
  3. Rose Staff
  4. Knuckle Staff
  5. Ancient Staff
  6. Lancer Staff
  7. Flintlock Staff
  8. Somewhat Staff
  9. Scorpio Staff
  10. Laser Staff
  11. Dark Pit Staff
  12. Thanatos Staff


  1. Tiger Claws
  2. Wolf Claws
  3. Bear Claws
  4. Brawler Claws
  5. Stealth Claws
  6. Hedgehog Claws
  7. Raptor Claws
  8. Artillery Claws
  9. Cancer Claws
  10. Beam Claws
  11. Viridi Claws
  12. Pandora Claws


  1. Fortune Bow
  2. Silver Bow
  3. Meteor Bow
  4. Divine Bow
  5. Darkness Bow
  6. Crystal Bow
  7. Angel Bow
  8. Hawkeye Bow
  9. Sagittarius Bow
  10. Aurum Bow
  11. Palutena Bow
  12. Phosphora Bow


  1. Violet Palm
  2. Burning Palm
  3. Needle Palm
  4. Midnight Palm
  5. Cursed Palm
  6. Cutter Palm
  7. Pudgy Palm
  8. Ninja Palm
  9. Virgo Palm
  10. Aurum Palm
  11. Viridi Palm
  12. Great Reaper Palm


  1. Ore Club
  2. Babel Club
  3. Skyscraper Club
  4. Atlas Club
  5. Earthmaul Club
  6. Ogre Club
  7. Halo Club
  8. Black Club
  9. Capricorn Club
  10. Aurum Club
  11. Hewdraw Club
  12. Magnus Club


  1. EZ Cannon
  2. Ball Cannon
  3. Predator Cannon
  4. Poseidon Cannon
  5. Fireworks Cannon
  6. Rail Cannon
  7. Dynamo Cannon
  8. Doom Cannon
  9. Leo Cannon
  10. Sonic Cannon
  11. Twinbellows Cannon
  12. Cragalanche Cannon


  1. Standard Orbitars
  2. Guardian Orbitars
  3. Shock Orbitars
  4. Eyetrack Orbitars
  5. Fairy Orbitars
  6. Paw Pad Orbitars
  7. Jetstream Orbitars
  8. Boom Orbitars
  9. Gemini Orbitars
  10. Aurum Orbitars
  11. Centurion Orbitars
  12. Arlon Orbitars


  1. Crusher Arm
  2. Compact Arm
  3. Electroshock Arm
  4. Volcano Arm
  5. Drill Arm
  6. Bomber Arm
  7. Bowl Arm
  8. End-All Arm
  9. Taurus Arm
  10. Upperdash Arm
  11. Kraken Arm
  12. Phoenix Arm