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Kid Klown in Crazy Chase has only five levels, but starting with the third, they can be quite a doozy for first-timers! To finish a level, you must accomplish two tasks:

  1. Reach the bomb that Blackjack planted at the end before it detonates. If you don't make it before the bomb goes off, you lose a life and all items you collected, and you must start over.
  2. Collect one card each of spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. If you fail to do this, you must start the level over, but you don't lose a life and you retain items you collected. The cards will be in the balloons you find along the way. If you get all the cards on the first try and make it to the end, you'll get a heart, which helps you get a better ending.

If your HP meter goes empty at any time, you lose a life and all collected items and you must start over.

Coin collection[edit]

Collecting coins lets you access the bonus levels at the end (where you try to get more health), and more coins make them easier. In the Whack-a-Blackjack bonus level, you get one second of time for each coin you have. In the Air Hockey game, you get as many chances as your number of coins divided by 10 and rounded down.