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Stationary Enemies[edit]

Watch Bird Watch Bug
Kid Niki enemy bird guard.png

Watch birds keep a look out for trouble for the Fox clan. They are assigned to posts at specific locations and hover in the air to get a better view of the surroundings. They do not attack, and are worth 500 points when struck away with your sword.

Kid Niki enemy bug guard.png

Like the watch birds, these bugs are set up to hang from high tree branches, and monitor the situation above the ground. They remain in place, and though they do nothing to directly attack you, they are lethal to touch. It is far better to remove them for the 500 bonus points than to accidentally run into them.


Blue Fox Red Fox
Kid Niki enemy fox blue.png

Members of the blue fox clan will be your primary enemy throughout many segments of the game. They are persistent and will relentlessly chase you throughout a given stage. They will appear from both sides of you, so you must be sure to turn around and attack the ones that are coming up from behind as well as defeat the ones which appear in front of you.

Kid Niki enemy fox red.png

There are far fewer members of the red fox clan. Each member of the red fox clan has proven their proficiency with one of two types of weapons; either a spear at the end of a retractable wire, or a set of throwing rings. Red foxes run up to you, from in front or from behind, and stop just short of attacking distance. You must be sure to close the distance with them before attacking, or they will surely get the best of you.

Striped Fox Green Fox
Kid Niki enemy fox striped.png

When you first encounter the striped fox clan, they merely wait at key jumping locations to ambush you. Their trick is that they like to jump when you jump, making it difficult if not impossible to leap over them. Instead, you should concentrate on dispatching each one with your sword whenever you encounter them. Later on, they learn the trick of forming towers by jumping on each others shoulders.

Kid Niki enemy fox green.png

The Green fox clan specializes in forest warfare. They are adept at climbing trees, and like to engage in various air to ground and ground to air attacks. While standing up in the branches, they toss bombs down to the ground. Those which leap off the trunk to the ground below, will toss throwing stars into the canopy. Clear them out of your way to safely proceed.

White Fox Kite Guerrilla
Kid Niki enemy fox white.png

Members of the White fox clan specialize in aquatic-based attacks. They can remain submerged in water for a long time, and they strike from a distance by blowing deadly bubbles. These bubbles are inaccurate because they float randomly to the top of the screen, but each one is deadly and must be avoided completely. They also have the ability to scale cliff walls.

Kid Niki enemy guerrilla kite.png

The Stone Wizard has also recruited a skilled ninja clan to attack you as you make further progress towards rescuing the princess. The ninjas are masters of riding the wind and attacking you from their man-sized kites. Try to assess the direction that the wind blows them in to determine whether it is better to intercept them and attack, or run beneath them unharmed.

Rock Turtle Clan Monk
Kid Niki enemy rock turtle.png

The Stone Wizard has convinced members of the diminutive Rock Turtle Clan that you have arrived to attack their home and steal their treasure. Though this is not true, they cannot be reasoned with. The prepare to defend their home on the cliffs by rolling boulders in your direction. If struck enough times, these boulders can be disintegrated, but it is faster to leap over them and strike the rollers from behind.

Kid Niki enemy monk.png

Your path to the Stone Wizard takes you directly through a Buddhist monastery, and the monks in the area will not take kindly to your destructive antics. While most will attempt to rush you like the Blue fox clan, some will actually leap over you. When they do this, they will almost assuredly toss their monk pray beads at you as soon as they land, which is a surprisingly effective weapon.


Masked Bird Coin Bird
Kid Niki enemy bird masked.png

A lone masked bird will appear to fly down from the sky and pause above the ground. When you get close enough, a large number of these birds will reveal themselves and swoop down towards you. If you defeat every single one, the last bird will attempt to run away. If you hit this last bird, it will drop a Silver Bell power up for you to collect.

Kid Niki enemy bird coin.png

Coin birds are not particularly dangerous. They fly at a relatively high altitude, performing a loop as they cross the screen. These birds carry with them up to 5 coins. When they are struck down, they drop these coins for you to collect. They are worth 500 points each. While they are easy to deal with, be sure not to get distracted by the coins they drop.

Eye-patch Bird Flying squirrel
Kid Niki enemy bird eyepatch.png

Every now and then, you will come across a bird with an eye-patch. These birds enter the screen balancing a bomb on their head. When they get within striking range, they tip their head and let the bomb roll off to the ground below. It is best to lure them into dropping the bomb and backing away while the bomb falls and explodes.

Kid Niki enemy flying monkey.png

Flying squirrels occupy a dangerous cavern. They cling to stalactites waiting for intruders to pass below, and then they swoop down to attack. Most will swoop down to the right, but a few prefer to drop to the left. If allowed to dive down, they loop back up and hover in the air looking for a second opportunity to attack.

Frog Right facing frog
Kid Niki enemy frog.png

Frogs are mostly found in caverns, but they are occasionally found elsewhere. The frogs in this region have a very unlikely ability: they can breath fire. Not only can they breath fire, but it can reach quite far. Once the flame retracts, it won't be long until they take another breath. Either move in quickly for the kill, or leap over them and strike from behind.

Kid Niki enemy frog back.png

You may think you've got it easy when you happen to encounter a frog that faces to the right, but think again. Just when you get within striking distance of this frog's back, it will literally arch its back and flip over to attack you with it's fiery breath. Don't take this frog for granted, treat it like the rest of it's brethren.

Bee Corps Crow Tengu
Kid Niki enemy bee corps.png

The bee corps are a special clan of bee-like humanoids that occupy a hive and attack in formation to defend their home. Groups of them will pour out whenever there is a threat, first in one direction, and then in another. They will also occupy a region in a cluster, hover above the ground, and wait for an opportunity to dive down and strike an opponent with their spear.

Kid Niki enemy crow tengu.png

The Crow Tengu are a special clan of crows which use the power of wind to spin around and confuse their enemies. They attack in groups by falling from the sky, landing on the ground, and pursuing their target relentlessly, much like the Blue fox clan. They have no special attack, but they can easily overwhelm you with sheer numbers.