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KF-Farm is a dark, rural area. Because of the open nature of the map, it is unlikely that you will be cornered into a building; however, enemies are capable of swarming if left unchecked.


  • The basic barn provides some assistance. You can lure some enemies into the barn, run outside, and weld the exit to trap the enemies inside. While you still need to kill them, it will allow you to obtain some distance before finishing them off.
  • There are a few buildings with upstairs rooms that have only 1-2 doors at the bottom of the steps, these places are highly defensible on beginner mode.
  • One of the buildings, which can be identified with a slaughter house and trader attached, has many doors and many rooms that the specimens will have to go through to reach the inner rooms. A good team, preferably with a few high level support specialists, can make this building a highly defensible area.