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The manor is an abandoned building, with a large surrounding field.

Your team starts near a crashed helicopter. It is notable for the main two-story manor building with several rooms, and a small tunnel that connects the inner building with the outside. There is also a small cavern that serves as a tunnel between the ends of the open areas.

There is a weapon spawn point in the manor in the corner near the two doors that lead outside. Other weapon spawns are in the two tiny shacks, both are just outside of the manor.


  1. Stay out of the Manor. Many zeds spawn in the Manor and it is inevitable that you will get stuck and be swarmed by zeds. Get out of there as fast as possible.
  2. Weld the doors to the Manor, you will then be able pick them off through the windows.
  3. There is a Crawler and Stalker spawn area by the wooden deck area.
  4. The tunnels are the easiest area to defend.

Trader Locations[edit]

  1. First floor of the Manor in the dining room.
  2. Second Floor of the Manor
  3. Basement of the Manor accessible through the long stair case in the cave.
  4. The deck area.
  5. The far Tunnel.

The Demolitions perk is very useful here. There are many great places to set up Pipes and the M32 is great for clearing out the large groups when the welded Manor door is finally broken. While normally inadvisable, this is one map where camping can be a useful strategy.