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This map surrounds two blocks. You start in the corner, next to a church. In front of you, you can reach the next street infront of a police station, and to the left is another open street that you can use. There is also a small alleyway on the church-side of the overpass.

There is a large chain gate at the trader's entrance to the police station. It can be closed and welded while allowing your bullets and rockets to pass through. This position is the best defensive position in the map, as most zombies will approach from the direction of the chain link fence. While you do have to watch for zombies jumping over the fence or trying to approach from within the police station, the team of players that fortify themselves here are not likely to be killed.

Another defensive position, although less effective, is the police station across the street from the church. The zombies will have to enter through a small doorway, which allows for long-range sniping. However, it is slightly more dangerous since it is only a choke point rather than an obstacle.

As with all barricades, they will be repaired once a wave is completed.

Weapon locations[edit]

  • In the alleys beside the overpass
  • In the middle of the street left of the overpass
  • Near the church, at the bottom of the stairs leading to the blockaded subway.
  • Within the darkened area of the police station, in the room leading to the ship.
  • Inside the police station, to the right of the doorway when you enter.
  • Between the two double level red buses in the tunnel under the overpass.
  • Behind the Podium in the church.
  • When going into the front entrance of the church, turn right, by a column.
  • Outside a doorway to the right of the trader (corner store left of the church, past the overpass.) To the right of that weapon is a phone booth. Ammo will usually spawn to the left of the booth.
  • "There is a large chain gate at the trader's entrance to the police station", and two police cars, one of which is rolled and burning. Between the upright car closest to the wall and the wall adjacent to the wooden door, in that corner.

Trader locations[edit]

  • In the church
  • Next street across from church, on the left building beside the overpass.
  • Corner store left of the church, past the overpass.
  • In the darkened building. It is most quickly reached via the street, and since it is a dark location, should be evacuated almost immediately.