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Box artwork for Kineco II - Kinetic Connection - The Monitor Puzzle.
Kineco II - Kinetic Connection - The Monitor Puzzle
Developer(s)Sadato Taneda
Year released1987
System(s)Family Computer Disk System
Preceded byKineco - Kinetic Connection
Japanese titleきね子II
ModesSingle player
LinksKineco II - Kinetic Connection ChannelSearchSearch

Kineco II (or as it is known by its full title, Kineco II - Kinetic Connection - The Monitor Puzzle) is the sequel of the first Kineco, a puzzle game, where the player must piece together ten images in a jigsaw puzzle like fashion. However, every piece is exactly the same size, and the images on the pieces move. Rather than using the shape of the edges to determine what pieces fit next to one another, you must use the animation on the pieces to determine their arrangement. When each puzzle begins, the pieces are also oriented randomly, so you may be required to flip them vertically or horizontally in order to complete the puzzle. There are 10 different animations, and you can choose between dividing the images into 16, 24, or 48 distinct pieces before attempting to solve the puzzle. Obviously, the fewer pieces, the easier it is to solve.


Below are the completed images of all ten puzzles.

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