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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to guide each of the players through their stages, and as a group through the final stage. Each player can move in eight different direction anywhere throughout the screen while the screen automatically scrolls vertically at a fixed speed. Moving up against a ledge will cause the player to pause temporarily until they are able to jump up to the top of the ledge, for a time determined by that player's jumping ability.
  • A button: Press the A button to fire your weapon upward.
  • B button: Press the B button on the fifth stage to unleash the leading character's spell, provided that you collected all of the elements necessary to cast the spell, you haven't used the spell before, and you are in the right portion of the stage to cast the spell.
  • Start button: Press Start to begin a new game, or to pause the action in the middle of the game
  • Select button: Not used


Even though they appear quite different, each character is more or less the same. The things that distinguish one from another besides the way they look, is the one enhanced statistic that they begin the game with, the element that corresponds to their spell, the spell they are capable of casting on the fifth stage, and the statue that they most easily defeat in the fifth stage. Each character will die if his health meter is depleted, or if they are pushed off the bottom of the screen by the scrolling terrain.

Ray Jack[edit]

King's Knight Ray Jack.png
King's Knight Ray Jack sprite.png

Ray Jack is the one true knight of the four warriors. His stage is the first, which takes place in a forest. Ray Jack starts with a speed increase at level 1. With four pieces of element D allocated by the last level, he can momentarily change into Zainen, an invincible winged horse. He isn't great at defeating any one particular statue on the fifth stage, but he can destroy statues quicker than most.


King's Knight Kaliva.png
King's Knight Kaliva sprite.png

Kaliva is a wizard. His stage is second, and it takes place in a village that appears to have monster tracks crossing through it. Kaliva starts with a jump increase at level 1, so he is initially slower than Ray Jack. With four pieces of element A allocated by the last level, he can cast Naizath to destroy all onscreen enemies. Kaliva's weapon does great against the lion statues of the fifth stage.


King's Knight Barusa.png
King's Knight Barusa sprite.png

Barusa is not a human. Barusa's stage is the third, which appears to be a prehistoric jungle. Rather, he is a form of fire breathing monster. Barusa starts with a shield increase at level 1. With four pieces of element C allocated by the last level, he can momentarily change into Cetune, an invincible dragon. Barusa's breath weapon is strongest against the dragon statues of the fifth stage.


King's Knight Toby.png
King's Knight Toby sprite.png

Toby is considered a thief or a rogue. Toby's stage is fourth, and takes place first on a beach, and eventually across a series of islands. Toby starts with a speed increase at level 1. With four pieces of element B allocated by the last level, he can cast Balbath to destroy stones blocking the path. Toby is the best at destroying the gargoyle statues in the fifth stage.