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This is the end of stage 1. Scroll to the bottom of the stage to see the beginning.

Stage 1 dungeon end[edit]

King's Knight Stage 1 Dungeon.png
King's Knight Stage 1 Dungeon items.png

Stage 1 dungeon start[edit]

Stage 1 end[edit]

King's Knight Stage 1.png
King's Knight Stage 1 items.png

Stage 1 start[edit]

This is the start of stage 1. The map on the left shows the overview of the stage, while the map on the right show the location of each item or monster found throughout the terrain. The left map also points out the locations of elements A, C, and D, as well as the location of the stairwell that leads to the dungeon and element B. The numbers on the left map correspond to the notes below.


The first stage is comparatively easy. There are a lot of health recovery items, so you shouldn't be at too much risk of dying. However, this stage features a number of pitfall traps which do not appear until you get rather close to them. When you fall in, you will be stuck for a short while, and you are vulnerable to enemy attack. Additionally, if you are stuck in the trap as it scrolls off the screen, you will die.

  1. Witch enemies: Enemies that look like witches will appear from either side of the screen, and cross over to the other side in a downward wave like pattern. They can cause a lot of damage to Ray Jack if they hit, so try to shoot them down as early as possible.
  2. Collecting element C: This is the hardest item to collect in stage 1. Especially if you've done what you're supposed to do and visited the dungeon. However, it can be collected easily if you jump up onto the terrain that lies directly in front of the trees that hide element C, and shoot the trees from the terrain. It can be extremely difficult to collect both element C and the defense up shield hidden in the right side of the screen, but it's possible if you are quick.
  3. The opposite bank: Once you cross the river, a maze of walls will appear. If you exit the water in the wrong location, you may become stuck, and not have enough time to retrace your steps and find another entrance. The safest place it land is either directly in the center of the screen, or slightly left of center.
  4. Collect items with care: Be careful as you approach the special item from the terrain in the left side of the maze. This item will reveal all of the walls, making it easier for you to determine the correct path to exit the maze. However, right about when you reach the terrain and reveal the item, another trio of witches will fly out and attack. Be sure to deal with them first before collecting the item.