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This is the end of stage 2. Scroll to the bottom of the stage to see the beginning.

Stage 2 dungeon end[edit]

King's Knight Stage 2 Dungeon.png
King's Knight Stage 2 Dungeon items.png

Stage 2 dungeon start[edit]

Stage 2 end[edit]

King's Knight Stage 2.png
King's Knight Stage 2 items.png

Stage 2 start[edit]

This is the start of stage 2. The map on the left shows the overview of the stage, while the map on the right show the location of each item or monster found throughout the terrain. The left map also points out the locations of elements A, C, and D, as well as the location of the stairwell that leads to the dungeon and element B. The numbers on the left map correspond to the notes below.


Compared to the stage 1, the first half of stage 2 is comparatively more difficult. The enemies which appear from the walls in this stage require not one but two shots to kill, which puts Kaliva in considerably more danger if he decides to duke it out with any monster that he uncovers. It is in Kaliva's best interests not to shoot more pieces of terrain than he needs to in order to find useful items.

  1. Important items on both sides: This is the most difficult section of stage 2. There are important items on both sides of this point. In order to collect them all, it takes a bit of planning. Start out by shooting out much of the terrain on the right side, revealing element A and possibly the speed up item. Collect the speed up, but hold off on collecting element A right away. Then shoot out the middle section to make it easier to cross between both sides, but watch out for the three enemies hidden there. Now shoot the terrain on the left side (focus on the right most portion of it) to reveal the jump up and defense up items. Once all of the items are revealed, begin collecting them. You can choose to collect from either side first, and return to the other side to finish the job. The most important item out of everything here is the defense upgrade, even more so than element A which provides Kaliva with his spell in the fifth stage. You can make it through stage 5 without casting Kaliva's spell, so make sure you collect that shield, and get element A if it's still possible.
  2. Collect the power up: The remainder of the stage will become substantially easier if you collect the power up orb here. You will be much more capable of punching holes in the terrain and defeating monsters more easily, so don't miss it.
  3. Elements C and D are together: The last two elements are hidden in the very end of the stage, side by side. They are completely surrounded by health down items, but you can avoid collecting this if you approach the elements diagonally. Alternatively, you can reveal the two health up items below this section, and save them for after you collect the elements.