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This is the end of stage 4. Scroll to the bottom of the stage to see the beginning.

Stage 4 dungeon end[edit]

King's Knight Stage 4 Dungeon.png
King's Knight Stage 4 Dungeon items.png

Stage 4 dungeon start[edit]

Stage 4 end[edit]

King's Knight Stage 4.png
King's Knight Stage 4 items.png

Stage 4 start[edit]

This is the start of stage 4. The map on the left shows the overview of the stage, while the map on the right show the location of each item or monster found throughout the terrain. The left map also points out the locations of elements A, C, and D, as well as the location of the stairwell that leads to the dungeon and element B. The numbers on the left map correspond to the notes below.


Stage 4 is probably the most difficult stage in the game. Since a majority of the stage consists of water, it can be difficult to control Toby accurately, as you have a tendency to slide a lot more while swimming. Do your best to get used to the motion.

  1. Watch out for enemies: Once you reach the coast of the beach, an army of octopus will appear. The fire blasts of energy at Toby in a three way spread, so it can be difficult to dodge. Additionally, when you shoot portions of the island, snakes may appear. As you swim left and right, it may be difficult to fully stop in front of the column that you shot, in order to hit the snakes. Don't accidentally double back and get hit by the snakes. Better yet, avoid shooting the terrain unless you know something underneath is worth having.
  2. An underground secret: Stage 4 has a unique secret concerning the dungeon. If you hold the Select button button as you approach and enter the staircase, you will be transported to a different dungeon from the usual one. You will find plenty of health up items, and no enemies will come out to attack you. You won't miss anything important items, so use this method if you're taking a beating and need a reprieve. Keep in mind that the usual dungeon boss will still appear at the end.
  3. Collect the items carefully: Once again, when you leave the dungeon, you will have to focus your shots on two places at once in order to collect all of the important items. The trick is to fire strategically. To the right, shoot out the two middle columns of the island to reveal the speed up and jump up items. To the left, only shoot the column that connects the peninsula to the main body to reveal the a defense up, element C, and the speed up boots at the very top. Then you can collect every important item. Be careful not to shoot more terrain than is necessary to avoid being damaged by the snakes.
  4. A very special item: The item that revealed the walls in stage 1 will do something just as magical for Toby in stage 4; it will part the sea. If you collect this item, the sea will split revealing land underneath containing a number of health up items and element D at the very end. You cannot collect element D without collecting this item, so don't miss it.