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This is the end of stage 5. Scroll to the bottom of the stage to see the beginning.

Stage 5 end[edit]

King's Knight Stage 5.png

The dragon Rasubosu[edit]

After the final series of statues, you will encounter the final boss, the dragon known as Rasubosu. There are a numerous formation change tiles in the dragon's chamber. Don't over react and grab them all too quickly, as you will need them to complete the battle. You must attack Rasubosu with every member of your party, although it doesn't matter what order you attack in. There are a couple of health up items in either corner, which you may wish to make more accessible for the battle gets going in earnest. Changing your parties formation will freeze you in position and make you more vulnerable to getting shot.

Rasubosu will begin his attack as soon as the screen stops scrolling upwards. He will begin to fire many beams in many directions. Immediately begin firing the weapon of your party lead at his head. Eventually, the screen will flash. This is an indication that the current leader has done all of the damage they can do, and it is time for another party member to attack. Change the party formation to a new character, and attack until the screen flashes again. Once all four party members have attacked the head (and of course assuming you have collected all three legendary swords,) Rasubosu will be defeated.

Ray Jack's spell[edit]

Once you manage to clear the pool, you will encounter a series of fireball spewing knight statues. If you've made it this far, you can now cast Ray Jack's spell of Zainen if you have collected every instance of element D. Zainen will tranform the party into an invincible flying horse. Like Barusa's spell Cetune, the pegasus can fly without any fear of sustaining damage. Unlike Cetune, the pegasus can also fire Ray Jack's weapon upward. Additionally, a formation change can occur during this transformation.

The pegasus can avoid taking damage from the fireballs shot out by the knight statues. Ray Jack's magic will ultimately end once the party lead passes beyond the final row of the knight statues. For this reason, try to stay below that line while you destroy some of the lion statues that are approaching. Once the spell is over, try to make Toby your lead so that he can easily destroy the gargoyle statues that you are facing.

Underwater enemies[edit]

After clearing the section of dragon statues, and after collecting the third legendary sword from the middle of the statues (most of which are easily cleared by Kaliva), be very cautious of the underwater enemies found in the pool. There is a large number of them, and you will be forced to walk along one side or the other. The right side contains more formation change tiles than the left side. Once you manage to make Ray Jack the leader of your party, don't allow your formation to change.

Barusa's spell[edit]

After using Toby's magic to escape the maze of walls, you will encounter the second sword. Collect it, and switch the lead of your party to Barusa. You are about to encounter a veritable wall of dragon statues. While Barusa's weapon is best suited to destroy the statues, his magic is even more valuable in this situation. If you managed to collect every instance of element C, Barusa can transform himself into the flying dragon Cetune. Cetune is an invincible flying dragon. Although it cannot fire a weapon, it can safely fly over the statues without taking any damage from enemies or statue beams. Cetune can crash into enemies and beams without fear. The magic will usually run out as soon as two health up items appear at the top of the screen. If for some reason, you are not able to cast Barusa's magic, proceed by destroying the two right-most columns of statues while avoiding enemy fire.

Toby's spell[edit]

The collection of every element B for the first four stage dungeons is required to clear the section with the walls. Toby should be placed as the lead of the party as soon as you get out of the water, collect the first sword, and begin to face gargoyle statues. Beyond the trio of statues, walls will begin to appear and block your shots. Once you are far enough to see two health ups side by side, you should press B button to cast Toby's spell of Balbath and remove the walls from the screen. It will also prevent new walls from appearing. While the right path offers access to one health up and is straightforward, enemies will continue to appear and you will not be able to shoot them. Therefore, the center path gives you greatest access to taking shots at the enemies.

Kaliva's spell[edit]

Kaliva should be made the leader of the party in the very first part of the stage. If all of element A has been collected, Kaliva can cast the spell of Naizath by pressing B button. This will eliminate every enemy on the screen. Timing is important when using this spell since it can only be cast once, and at no point is it more crucial to cast it then when you reach the water, where numerous enemies will rise up to fire 3 way shots at you. This will eliminate the need for careful maneuvering around the enemy's beams and save precious health.

Stage 5 start[edit]

There are many things that set the fifth and final stage apart from the other stages. There are no items to reveal or a dungeon in this stage. In this stage, you control the entire assembled party of survivors as one unit. If you have collected all four instances of a particular element, a player will have access to the special spell that they can cast by pressing B button. However, that spell will only be available at a particular time throughout the stage.

On this stage, all survivors gather together and act as one. Only the leader can attack while the other three follow, but the entire party can be hit and take damage. Your speed and defensive power as a party is set to the player with the lowest statistics. So it doesn't matter if three players have level 3 in defense. If one player has level 2, the whole party does. Your weapon power on the other hand is determined by the current leader.

There are arrows scattered along the ground. A 90 degree turn indicates that the leader of the party will rotate to the next player in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, depending on the direction of the arrow. A 180 degree turn means that the party will rotate one, two, or three times, chosen at random, in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Throughout the stage, the party will encounter large statues that fire beams. There are three types. Ray Jack can defeat every statue with 26 shots. However, the remaining players have a statue that they specialize in defeating. If they attack the right statues, they can destroy it in just 8 shots. If they attack the wrong statue, it will take 32 shots. Kaliva is strong against the lion statues, Barusa is strong against dragon statues, and Toby is strong against the gargoyles. There are also statues of knights which cannot be broken by any party member. It just so happens that a statue will not fire at the party if the party is touching the statue.

Finally, the fifth stage is home to the legendary sword. There are three sword icons that must be collected, representing the sword of the past, the sword of the present, and the sword of the future. All three are required in order to defeat the boss.