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The Quest Begins[edit]

After watching the introduction, you'll find yourself outside of Crispin's home. Feel free to look around and play with things. If you enter Cripsin's house, he'll kick you out and you won't be able to go back in. You can also attempt to open the cellar, to no avail. When you are done experimenting, head south.

On this screen you'll find you can head down three different paths. To the east are the mountains, but the path is blocked by a snake. If you get too close, the snake will kill you. Looks like you'll have to wait to go that direction. Instead, head south another screen and then enter town. Cedric will stay behind for the time being.

In Town[edit]

Speak the to man fixing his wagon to offer your help. He'll politely refuse, so go ahead and explore a bit. If you enter a shop and come back out, the man will be gone and a small object will be glinting in the same spot. Pick it up to receive the silver coin (2 points). Also, examine the barrel nearby to find a dead fish. Reach in a take the dead fish (2 points). When you are ready, leave town to the west and continue west one more screen to find the bakery.

Enter the bakery and there will be a short cutscene. The baker is selling delicious custard pies for only one silver coin! Use the silver coin you recently received to buy a custard pie (2 points). When you are finished, head back out.

Animal Kingdom[edit]

Head west until you find a bear attempting to get honey from a tree filled with bees. Do not get too close to the bear! Instead, throw him your dead fish and he'll leave the honey alone (4 points). The Queen Bee will thank you and allow you to take some of her honey. Reach in and take a honeycomb (2 points). Also, pick up the stick lying on the ground by the tree, you'll be needing that in a minute (2 points).

Now head north one screen where you'll encounter a vicious dog terrorizing a colony of ants. If you approach the dog, he'll growl at you forcing you back. Throw the stick to the dog and he'll leave (4 points). King Antony will thank you and offer you his services. To take him up on the offer, head east one screen and then south one. Search through the haystack and the ants will come help you (2 points). They will find a golden needle which you should take to the tailor back in town. Head east until you reach town and enter the tailor's shop. Give him the golden needle and you will receive a cloak (4 points). You've done all you can do in town for now, so head west to the desert.

At this time you should have 24 points.