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There are a few things to do around Serenia before heading into the Dark Forest. First, head north until you reach the gypsy camp. Approach the man in front of the caravan and he will let you in to see the fortune teller for one gold coin. Fork over the coin you received from the temple and watch the movie that follows (3 points). The fortune teller will give you an amulet that will protect you from magic (2 points). Before doing anything else, equip the amulet by using it on yourself.

Now head back to the bakery. Before entering the screen with the bakery make sure you save your game! Upon entering a cat will be chasing a rat. Use the shoe you got from the desert on the cat before he reaches the rat (4 points). If the cat reaches the rat, reload and try again. This is necessary to advance later in the game. The rat will thank you and offer you his services. For now, head back to the gypsy camp and you'll find that they are going. Pick up the tambourine that was left behind (2 points).

The Dark Forest[edit]

The Dark Forest entrance is located one screen west of Crispin's home. Make sure you have the amulet equipped and then enter the forest (2 points). Explore the forest until the witch stops you. She will attempt to use her magic on you, but your amulet will prevent it. Now she will follow you everywhere, so to get her out of your hair, use your bottle that you grabbed from the temple on her (4 points). A genie will come out and imprison the witch.

Now find your way to the witch's house. Inside you will find three items to take. There is a key in the incense burner on the ceiling, a pouch of emeralds in the drawer, and a spinning wheel in the trunk (2 points each). Once you have all three items, leave the house and head east to a tree with a door in it. Use the key on the door (3 points) and take the golden heart inside (2 points). Now head to the west past the house.

You should see some eyes in the bushes here, which turns out to be from an elf. Use the honeycomb you have from saving the bees to drip honey onto the forest floor (4 points). Then, open the pouch and use the emeralds, one by one, on the ground (2 points each). The last emerald will be thrown into the honey and when the elf tries to take it he will get stuck. He will show you the way out, so follow him into the tunnel (2 points). Inside the tunnel, speak to the elf and he will give you a pair of shoes (2 points). Follow the ladder to the surface.

You should now have 86 points.