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Helicopter Jeep Tank Long-range Missile
King Kong 2 Helicopter.png King Kong 2 Jeep.png King Kong 2 Tank.png King Kong 2 Long-range Missile.png
300 points 100 points 300 points 300 points
Octopus Fort Flaps Ghost
King Kong 2 Octopus.png King Kong 2 Fort.png King Kong 2 Flaps.png King Kong 2 Ghost.png
500 points 100 points 300 points 500 points
Duck Dead End Fire Dragon Iron Watch
King Kong 2 Duck.png King Kong 2 Dead End.png King Kong 2 Fire Dragon.png King Kong 2 Iron Watch.png
300 points 100 points 300 points 300 points
Killer Whale Kamado Hopper Slime Roji
King Kong 2 Killer Whale.png King Kong 2 Kamado Hopper.png King Kong 2 Slime.png King Kong 2 Roji.png
1000 points 500 points 100~300 points 100 points
Fire Gate

Fire Gates are located in many screens throughout each world. While their appearance may differ slightly from world to world, their behavior is the same. They rotate around a center point. King King must maneuver around them to avoid getting hurt by them, but he can also leap over them to remain safe from damage.