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Heart Artificial Heart Rock Rock Case
King Kong 2 Heart.png King Kong 2 Artificial Heart.png King Kong 2 Rock.png King Kong 2 Rock Case.png
The heart refills lost life points. Collect an Artificial Heart to increase King Kong's Max Life by 100 points. There's one of these in every world. Each Rock refills King Kong's store of rocks by five. In each world, you will find one Rock Case that can increase the number of rocks you can hold by 10.
Speed Hyper Bomb Star Rock Power Rock
King Kong 2 Speed.png King Kong 2 Hyper Bomb.png King Kong 2 Star Rock.png King Kong 2 Power Rock.png
Grab the speed potion to increase King Kong's walking speed. You can increase his speed three times. Touch the Hyper Bomb to instantly obliterate every enemy on the screen. Collect a Star Rock to grant King Kong temporary invulnerability. The Power Rock increases the amount of damage that a thrown rock will inflict.
The Konami Logo and Konamiman Moai
King Kong 2 Konami Logo.png King Kong 2 Konamiman.png King Kong 2 Moai.gif
One Konami logo is hidden in a few of the worlds. If you find it, touch it to make Konamiman appear. Konamiman will fly from the bottom of the screen to the top. If you collect him, all of King Kong's life points will be instantly restored. Locate the Moai to collect an extra life.