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KH Destiny Islands logo.png

You wake up in a beach, where you are introduced to Sora's friends, Kairi and Riku. It turns out you are building a raft to leave the island and explore new places. It's only a couple of days away from being finished.


The peaceful Destiny Islands


You start here. It is the main side of the island. There is a tree house, a dock, a beach, a cave, a shack, a waterfall, and a smaller island. You can battle Tidus, Selphie, and/or Wakka here, Riku on the first day. Sora, Riku, and Kairi play in this part of the island the most.

Treasures: No treasures here.

Seaside Shack[edit]

Just an old shack with stairs to the smaller island, and a Save Point. Use it if you have to.

Treasures: No treasures here.


Another side of the island. There is a bridge over shallow water with a few gaps. Part of the bridge is breakable. It has a watch tower with stairs beside it. The raft is built there. there is a ramp that leads to a cave back to the Seashore. There is also coconut trees where you can jump on. there is also a small cave, but not important.

Treasures: Protect Chain - Near the stairs, a crate is there. Push it below an out of reach cave. Use the crate to jump there, and open the chest.

Secret Cave[edit]

This is where the trio draw pictures on the rocks at. There is a door here for some reason, but it doesn't open. First discovered by Sora and Kairi when they are still little.


You start near Kairi. Talk to Kairi and she will tell you your task is to collect items to build a raft.



KH Wakka.jpg
  • HP: 75
  • EXP: 1

Wakka is originally from Final Fantasy X, and his weapon is his ball, which he throws at you. With precise timing you can hit it back at him. Missing it will result in damage. After a few times, he'll be stunned. Hit him with a few combos until he gets back on his feet, or to get in a couple more tech points, stay back to counter the balls he tosses at you in this state before he recovers. You'll also dodge his close range spinning attack this way. Sometimes he'll jump and throw the ball harder, resulting on twice the damage as his standard attacks. It also comes to you faster, but if you want more experience points, hit it back, otherwise dodge. After a series of combos, he'll give up.


KH Selphie.jpg
  • HP: 45
  • EXP: 1

Selphie's weapon of choice is her jump rope, which is similar to her nunchucks from Final Fantasy VIII. She whips it at you. You can hit it back with timing. When she jumps back, she is ready. If you hit the jump rope, it'll take time for her to recover, take this as a chance to lend her your combos. When she says "You ready?", it means she'll come at you. As she runs towards you, make precise timing to counter her swinging rope. After a series of combos, she'll give in.


KH Tidus.jpg
  • HP: 60
  • EXP: 2

Originally from Final Fantasy X, Tidus' weapon of choice is his stick. He'll try to hit you with it. Dodge it, you wont counter it. Slam combos to him if you have the chance. The biggest one will be if he jumps back. Move out of the way when he slams down. Attack him from behind for a few combos. After unleashing a fury of combos, Tidus will stand down.

You can also separate from him, he'll run at you. If you time it right, when you meet you can counter his attack for 2 tech points, and since this counter does not deal him any damage, you can do it indefinitely, and 'farm' tech points. The trick is to move back while he recovers. It doesn't seem to work when he does his somersault flip attacks, just his samurai style charge.

The best person to train with is Tidus since you will gain the most experience and technique points. He will attack you with his stick and if you deflect it you'll receive 2 technique points. If you press ATTACK before he attacks you, you will deflect it. And since he takes no damage by his stick, you can do it again and again or you can just go up to him and start attacking. Similar methods can be used with the other characters for practice fights, though each of them vary in difficulty.

Wakka, Selphie, and Tidus[edit]

Try focusing on Selphie first
  • HP: Same as the individual characters
  • EXP: Same as the individual characters
  • Recommended level: 6+

After you defeat all three individually, you can talk to Tidus to fight all three together. The best way is to focus on Selphie, and only dodge Wakka and Tidus. Once Selphie is KO'd, focus on Tidus. After that, it's just like fighting Wakka by himself, except you probably will have less HP.

Winning nets you a potion.


KH Riku.jpg
  • HP: ???
  • EXP: 5

Sora's best friend, rival and an equal to him. Riku shouldn't be that difficult if you're inexperienced.

First, Riku will frequently jump behind Sora and attack. It is a bit hard to dodge, mainly because you do not have your Dodge Roll or Guard abilities yet. Should you manage to attack Riku with a combo finish, you will knock him onto his back. You may want to move out of the way at this point, as this immediately prompts a powerful counterattack that will deal quite a bit of damage. (Usually have 3 clean hits then the next hit will be a back kick from Riku, do this a few times then it will come to Riku doing a back kick two hits in a row, hit him again and Sora will win.)

You cannot simply attack Riku. Strike at him, and then get out of the way, or move to Riku's backside and strike back.

If you win, you get a Potion for a reward.

Day 2[edit]

Racing Riku

Riku challenges you to a race - it doesn't matter if you win or lose, but it's not too hard to win if you've mastered jumping. Watch out for the falling planks as you run over the wooden bridge, then jump straight onto the wooden tower, climb and slide down the rope. Run up the slope, jump across the grassy platforms and touch the star. You can then run (and jump) back the rest of the way.
Another way to win way ahead of Riku is to go right and drop down to the ground (jumping will take longer air time). Run straight across the shallow water and up the wooden steps right of where the wooden bridge ends, and drop down the other side of the platform. Head for the slope, jump the grassy platforms, and touch the star. Then, instead of jumping across the treetops, drop down again and backtrack your path across the beach to where Kairi is. You'll have to time the jump onto the sand platform a bit to make it up, and then jump to Kairi's level.

If you win, you get a Pretty stone.

If you go through the door in front of which Kairi was standing the previous day, you come through to the Cove. Kairi tells you your task is to collect provisions for the raft.

  • 2 coconuts: just hit the coconut trees (the thicker ones) until they drop yellow coconuts (ignore the brown ones, they don't count)
  • Drinking water: wade into the area by the waterfall (under the bridge with broken planks) and fill up the bottle where the water drops down.
  • 3 fish: find them out in the ocean, back on the beach
  • Seagull egg: still on the beach, go up to the ledge that connects to the island. There are three trees. Climb the skinny tree and jump to the top of one of the others to get the egg.
  • 3 mushrooms: one is in the secret area by the waterfall, go all the way to the end, it's to the right of the door. The other two are back in the cove area - one is near the base of the wooden tower, the other is near the raft, behind a boulder (push the boulder out of the way)

Speak to Kairi when you are ready to continue.

You can also try a 3-on-1 fight against your friends on the beach if you talk to Tidus. It's a little tricky, but rewarding in terms of experience.


KH Kingdom Key.png
KH Shadow.jpg

The enemy Heartless you meet here are the first in the game that can really hurt you. When you start attacking them you will notice that your wooden sword has no effect on them! Run away from them for now and look around the beach. A strange door has appeared where the Secret Place was before, and Sora can't open it. Go over to the bridge to the small island, where Riku is standing. You will now receive the Keyblade, and it works very well against your enemies.

Fight your way back through to the door at the secret place, and take the opportunity to gain some experience. Now that you have the Keyblade, the door will open.

Boss: Darkside[edit]

KH Darkside.png
  • HP: 300
  • EXP: 60

It's the same from when you faced it before, but this time, the Darkside has a new attack. It sticks it hand in the island, creating a shockwave. Then it takes out a ball of gravity/darkness and releases it into the air. Now smaller versions of the ball will rain on you from time to time in this battle, but still whack it with your Keyblade and don't forget to hit its head for extra points.


The void eventually sucks Sora up and you leave Destiny Islands!