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KH logo Hollow Bastion.png

Hollow Bastion is, unlike most other worlds in the game, not based on a Disney film. However, some similarities can be seen when compared with the Beast's castle from Beauty and the Beast and Maleficent's castle from Sleeping Beauty.

Losing the Keyblade[edit]

KH Wooden Sword.png

From where you start, jump on the floating platforms to get higher. Gliding will make it all much easier. Be sure to watch out for constantly moving platforms. When you get high enough, a cutscene will show Riku conversing with the Beast. After the cutscene, Riku will take the Keyblade away from Sora and Donald and Goofy also leave Sora, remembering their mission - stick with the Keyblade Master. Sora will then partner up with the Beast to try and get into the castle and save the ones close to them. Your weapon will now be switched to the Wooden Sword and your only party member will be the Beast.

Getting the Keyblade Back[edit]

KH character Beast.png

The path should be obvious from here. Keep using the platforms to get higher up. Eventually, you'll reach a single platform with nowhere else to turn. Keep moving forward to see the path marked as Castle Gates, and an elevator will be called to get you there. It takes a while to defeat the Heartless with just a Wooden Sword, so it's best to leave these to the Beast. Go down the stairs to the right of you and you'll come across a floating crystal sphere covered in lightning bolts. Examine this to call an elevator. You'll then end up to a place similar to where you started. Walk into the bubble on the right to teleport to another new area. Here will be a Save Point, a treasure chest, and a gate. Call Beast to the gate (the last option on the command menu) and he'll break it open. This reveals an area with another bubble. Walk into it to be teleported once again. This will reveal the puzzle of the Waterway. Go to the stone on the left and press Release. This will get one of the gates to move. Go forward and Release the next stone. From where you're locked in, go left and then forward for another stone to Release. The passage that you opened will lead to a stone on the ground. Release this to finally open the path to a bubble. Release the stone here to get the elevator moving, and Release the stone here to complete the puzzle. All that's left will be retracing your steps back to the Castle Gates.


KH character Dark Riku.png
  • HP: 500
  • EXP: 2000

Even though Riku has lost the Keyblade and Sora now has control over it, the battle with Riku is a tough one. You are joined by Donald and Goofy instead of the Beast, so be sure to have high strength and defense ready before the battle. Riku will be using the Soul Eater. If he lands a hit on you, it can do a lot of damage, so be sure to have Ether and Potions ready so you can always cure yourself. It also helps to equip Donald and Goofy with their own Ether and Potions. Summoning Tinker Bell also helps when your health runs low. Magic doesn't work on Riku, so you'll have to try to jump around and get behind him to get a hit. Jumping around and taking advantage of Dodge Roll will help to get away from Riku until you're ready to get a hit in. If you happen to run out of both MP and Ether, break open the pots lined along the walls for MP and even HP.

The Library[edit]

After the battle with Riku and a cutscene, go up the stairs and straight to the middle. An opening will lead to a Heartless symbol with four missing pieces. You must find the pieces by completing various tasks. After finding all four, the door will open. The door to the left of the level leads to the Library, where Kairi's grandmother told her the story about the light. Here, you'll have to do something that can't be too difficult. In the shelves, there will be a small group of books that seem to stand out from the rest. This batch should all be the same color. Unfortunately, the many colored books are scattered. You must return the colored books to their correct positions, with books of the same color. The first book you should see is one lying in the corner, a red one - Khama vol. 8.

Khama vol. 8
KH Hollow Bastion library 1.png
KH Hollow Bastion library 2.png

The first book to put into place is Khama vol. 8. Walk to the left of the room from where you enter, where two shelves will be positioned to make a corner. In the corner on the floor will be the red book you need. Step on it to take it, and move to the book shelf in front of you. Examine the shelf and Sora will put the book in. The shelf will move itself over to reveal the familiar staircase of the "dream" Sora had featuring Kairi and her grandmother. You'll be able to continue the puzzle from here.

Azal vol. 3
KH Hollow Bastion library 3.png
KH Hollow Bastion library 4.png

Walk up the stairs and walk to the front of the desk. Turn to the bookcase to the left of the desk. A green Trinity Mark will be hiding here. Remember that you must have both Goofy and Donald to perform this. For your convenience, a Save Point is on this floor. Using the Trinity will reveal a yellow book on top of the shelf. Donald, on top of the pile, will knock it off the shelf, allowing you to pick it up once switching out of Trinity formation.

Theon vol. 6
KH Hollow Bastion library 4.png
KH Hollow Bastion library 5.png

This book will be right on top of the desk. Take out Mava vol. 6 on a bookshelf across from the desk. After taking it out, you'll be free to put Theon vol. 6 in its place.

Mava vol. 6
KH Hollow Bastion library 6.png
KH Hollow Bastion library 7.png

This book will be out of place, where Theon vol. 6 is supposed to be. It's on a bookshelf nearest the end of the library. After everything above is done, the bookcase will move to show a button. Press the button and the door will be unlocked.

Completing the Puzzle[edit]

KH Heartless emblem.png

Go through the unlocked door and you'll find what it leads to - a higher level of the Entrance Hall. Next to where you enter, you should see a statue that, when examined, says "O mighty one...Show me your crushing power." Destroy the two pots on either side of it and the statue will sink a little into the ground. A cutscene will show a waterfall begin at the fountain in front of the Entrance Hall, on the base level. A piece of the Heartless emblem will come out of the waterfall. Walk a little further on this level to see a red Trinity mark in front of a statue. The three will push it, and the statue will fall to the ground and shatter. This will reveal another piece of the Heartless emblem. Move forward to a statue against the wall. There will be a statue that looks like the head of a beast. Light the torches to either side of it. There will be about two more statues where you'll have the same objective. The fire on the chandelier hanging in the middle of the room will go out, and you'll be free to snatch the emblem piece there. In between the first and second beast heads, there is another statue. It must be pushed to show a treasure chest on the lower level (the level between the base and the highest level). Inside the chest will be an emblem piece. Bring the emblem pieces back to the emblem in the middle to complete the puzzle.


After you put all the pieces of the puzzle into the Heartless emblem, the door will open. The “Lift Stop” is a reoccurring area that features many sections that all lead to different parts of the enormous castle. Head straight through this first section and into the next area, which is another section of the “Castle Gates”. While out here, it is very important to fight off the Heartless that appear without falling off of the edge. If you do, you’ll be dropped down to the “Base Level” and you’ll have to climb all the way back up to this area. When you’ve cleared the area, examine the nearby machine to be brought to the next level. From there, head up the small flight of steps and examine the next machine to be transported into the large lift.

The lift will start slowly passing in front of the castle. When it gets halfway, it will stop and Heartless will appear. Defeat them all and a machine will appear in the center of the lift. Examine it to activate the lift for the rest of the ride. When you land on the other side, head up the steps and activate the Blue Trinity Mark on the ground to obtain two Cottages, a Megalixir, and a bunch of MP Orbs. The Treasure Chest on the back wall can be reached by casting a Gravira spell on it. Open it up to collect a Dispel-G. Head down the stairs on the left and enter the door to be brought to a new section of the “Lift Stop”.

Use the machine to be brought to the level directly above you and head through to door to reach the “Great Crest” area. Grab the Orichalcum from the nearby Treasure Chest and then examine the machine to be brought up to the “High Tower”. Defeat the enemies that appear here and examine the machine nearby. Use a Gravira spell on the nearby Treasure Chest to bring it down and collect a Thundaga Ring, then head in through the available door to access another part of the “Lift Stop”. Defeat the Heartless that appear and head straight through to the other side of the “High Tower”. Defeat the Heartless that appear here as well, then examine the nearby machine to drop a section of the castle, forming a set of steps up to a new area. Before you head up there though, use a Gravira spell to reach the nearby Treasure Chest. Open it to grab Dalmatians 97, 98, & 99. Head up the newly formed steps and around the corner into the “Castle Chapel”.

KH character Maleficent.png
  • HP: 900
  • EXP: 3400

At the start of the battle, Maleficent will be on a platform, making her hard to attack. You can either use Gravira to bring the platform down or hit it down if you don't want to waste MP/have no MP left. Either way, this will bring her down and make her open for attacks. While you're attacking her, she can hit you back with her staff, so it's best to cast Aerora for the duration of the battle. When Maleficent screams "Meteors of heaven, unleash thy fury!" it's a sign that her next attack is coming. This attack will have her call meteors forward to bombard you. To avoid this, move to the curved sides of the Chapel and wait for the attack to finish. Most of Maleficent's attacks are easily avoidable, so trouble should be rare in the battle. Winning the battle will give you the Cheer ability for Donald and Ansem's Report 5.

Another boss battle with Maleficent will follow this one, so be prepared to fight and place items like Ether in your inventory.

Dragon Maleficent
KH character Dragon Maleficent.png
  • HP: 1200
  • EXP: 6000

For this battle, it's best to have Beast take the place of Goofy. There are two simple strategies to use for this battle: one using Aerora and Tinker Bell, the other using Strike Raid. For the first strategy, cast Aerora and summon Tinker Bell. Attack the dragon's head, but be cautious - the dragon has a wide range of attacks. These include fireballs that constantly chase you, breathing green fire out onto the floor and having it stay there, vicious bites and claws if you get to close, and shockwaves that can still do damage to your HP from a far distance. Be sure to attack the dragon's head carefully, while avoiding most of its attacks. The other strategy to use involves going around to the back of the dragon (this can prove risky and challenging, as the dragon can either turn around with a shockwave or hit you with its tail) and hop onto its hind leg. From here, you should be able to jump onto the dragon's back. Lock on to its head and continuously use Strike Raid. However, staying on the dragon's back isn't completely fool-proof; it can easily throw you off its back, dealing minimal damage and making you climb back up. The first strategy is recommended, but the second is best to use if you're running low on MP.

After this battle, prepare yourself for yet another boss fight.


KH character Keyblade Riku.png
  • HP: 900
  • EXP: 8500

Riku will return for another battle. This time, however, there will be quite a few changes. For one, Riku is now possessed by Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness, and is no longer in control of himself or the darkness he thought he had a hold of a while ago. Another change makes this battle a harder time for Sora than the first. Riku is now wielding a Keyblade. The best abilities to have equipped for this fight are Ars Arcanum, Guard, Dodge, Roll, and Counterattack. The recommended Keyblades are Olympia and Metal Chocobo. After preparing for the battle and making sure you're all set, approach Sora's newly-possessed friend to start the battle. He has three HP bars at the start of the battle. At first, the only attacks he uses are coming near you and hitting you with his new Keyblade. Try to avoid him by running around and guarding when you're ready. Guard will stun him, so this is the best time to get all of your attacks in. Be careful not to cast any type of Fire magic on Riku, as all this will do is send it right back to you in the form of Dark Fire. After you get the first HP bar down, Riku will begin to get harder. There will be more attacks of his to avoid. For one, Riku spins around with his Keyblade in a Vortex-like ability. When caught up in it, it can be very dangerous. He uses this most at this point when you get close to him and try to beat him down with combos. When you're in the middle of a combo and see him get ready to use this attack, it's best to halt the combo and move as far away as possible until the attack is finished. Be careful though, because if you end up moving too far away, Riku will launch himself up and slam down onto your position, creating practically inescapable shockwaves with his Keyblade.

After about half the battle is over, prepare yourself for two new attacks by Riku. One involves him throwing his Keyblade at you. To avoid this, either run away or hit it back with a simple strike or guard. This will come back to him and stun him, also causing a decrease in his HP. Seize the opportunity to attack Riku with some combos and attacks like Strike Raid. As Riku's HP bars decrease, he becomes more and more deadly and aggressive. Keep your guard up on the final HP bar. He will no longer taunt and instead keep using his most powerful abilities to try and hurt you. One of these will be Dark Aura, where Riku constantly charges as he floats in the air. Though this move is predictable for the most part, it can be difficult to dodge. Be sure yo use Ars Arcanum when Riku's HP gets low, as this can be the key to finishing him off. When Riku starts taking more advantage of Dark Aura, it will be more crucial to dodge. When Riku charges to one side of the room, you can be sure he won't be there for the rest of the move - Riku won't charge to the same place twice. Jump there and wait for him to finish the move before attacking him. Winning the battle will get you the Ragnorak ability.

After the battle, many important cutscenes will follow. After the last one, you must control Sora in a new body - the body of a Heartless. Go back to the passage that leads to the Lift Stop. Keep on going down and falling off ledges until you end up back at the Entrance Hall. After more cutscenes, you'll end up back at Traverse Town.