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Trinity Marks are special marks found scattered around the worlds that can only be used with the full default party - Sora, Donald, and Goofy - and, depending on the color, if it is learned.

Unlocking Trinities[edit]

Unlock the ability to use Trinities by doing the following.

Trinity How to Unlock
Blue Defeat Guard Armor in Traverse Town
Red Lock Deep Jungle
Green Lock Agrabah
Yellow Win the Hercules cups at the Coliseum
White Defeat Riku for the first time at Hollow Bastion

Trinity Locations[edit]

Traverse Town[edit]

Location Color Prize
Near what looks like an outdoor restaurant in the First District Blue Postcard
Near the entrance of Traverse Town in the First District Blue Munny
On a ramp that leads behind the Lady and the Tramp statue in the Third District Blue Munny and a Camping Set
Near the Save Point in Merlin's House Blue Munny and Mega-Ether
By the end of the alley behind the Accessory Shop in the First District Red Dalmatians 4, 5, 6
In the water grate behind the hotel in the Second District Red Secret Waterway entrance
On the roof of the Gizmo Shop in the Second District Red Interaction with the bell
In Cid's Accessory Shop in the First District Green Synthesis Shop entrance
Outside Merlin's House near a stack of crates Yellow Power Up
In the Secret Waterway in the Second District White Orichalcum


Location Color Prize
In a small alcove in Lotus Forest Blue Ether, Potion, Tent, and MP
In a hidden alcove in Lotus Forest; after defeating the Queen, push the rock into the lake while you're a giant and mushrooms will appear. Jump on the mushrooms to find the hidden trinity. Blue Camping Set and MP
In the Rabbit Hole Green Elixir
In the Bizarre Room; in the fireplace while tiny Green Mythril Shard
When the Bizarre Room is sideways, light the two lamps with Fire by locking-on and jump into the picture. White Lady Luck Keyblade

Olympus Coliseum[edit]

Location Color Prize
Under the large statue to the left of the entrance of the Coliseum Blue Mythril Shard
Under the large statue to the right of the entrance of the Coliseum Blue Dalmatians 22, 23, 24
Near the cup results by the entrance to the Coliseum Green Mythril
In the Coliseum Lobby Yellow Olympus Coliseum Keyhole
In the center of the Coliseum gates White Violetta Staff

Deep Jungle[edit]

Location Color Prize
By the table at the campsite Blue Dalmatians 34, 35, 36
In the Climbing Trees Blue Dalmatians 31, 32, 33
Outside the tunnel in the treetops Green HP and Mythril Shard
In the cave by the Deep Jungle Keyhole White Orichalcum


Location Color Prize
Drop into the Bazaar Blue Munny and Mega-Elixir
In the Cave of Wonders waterways Blue Thunder-G
In the Cave of Wonders treasure room Red Mythril Shard and Munny
In the storage room Green Power Up
In the Cave of Wonders hall, above the dark chamber Yellow Basement chamber entrance
Cave of Wonders entrance White Ifirit Belt


Location Color Prize
In Chamber 5 Blue Cottage and Munny
On a pile of debris in the mouth Blue 2 Potions, Cottage, and Munny
In the center of the throat Blue Myhtril Shard and Munny
On top of the ship in the mouth Green Mythril Shard
In Chamber 6 White Dark Matter


Location Color Prize
In the center of the path leading to Triton's Throne White Orichalcum

Halloween Town[edit]

Location Color Prize
In the entrance room of Oogie's Manor Red Mythril Shard
On Moonlight Hill White Dalmatians 67,68, and 69 (or Comet-G as in KH1)


Location Color Prize
In the Ship's Hold Green Entrance to Captain's cabin
In the Ship's Hold in front of a locked door Yellow Opens door
On the deck White Dalmatians 43,44, and 45

Hollow Bastion[edit]

Location Color Prize
In the Dungeon. Enter the Lift Stop through the Grand Hall. Use the blue crystal and go down a level. Use the lift in the Waterway to go down another level. Also accessible through the base level, behind a wall that Beast must break down. Blue Cottage, Mega-Potion, Mega-Ether, and HP
Near the entrance of the castle on a platform lead to by a floating platform Blue 2 Cottages, Mega-Elixir, and MP
On the high level of the Grand Hall, entered through the Library Red Emblem piece
By the Save Point in the Library Green Azal Vol. 3
By the entrance of the world on a floating piece of land White Thundaga-G