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Command Styles are entered once the Command Gauge has been filled with the aid of specific Commands. For example, utilizing Fire Dash in a combo while Firestorm is unlocked will have Terra/Ventus/Aqua enter that Command Style. Once unlocked, Level 2 Command Styles can then be entered via Level 1 Command Styles, again using specific Commands while filling the Command Gauge. Below are all Command Styles for all characters, split by level.

Level 1[edit]

Style Required Commands How to obtain
Terra Ventus Aqua
Critical Impact Physical (Quick Blitz, Stun Edge, etc.) Defeat the Orbs of Light. N/A N/A
Fever Pitch Physical (Quick Blitz, Stun Edge, etc.) N/A Defeat the Orbs of Light. N/A
Spellweaver Magic N/A N/A Defeat the Orbs of Light.
Firestorm Fire Defeat the Magic Mirror. Defeat the Mad Treant. Defeat Dragon Maleficent.
Diamond Dust Ice/Blizzard Defeat the Wheel Master. Defeat Lucifer. Defeat Hades and the Ice Colossus.
Thunderbolt Thunder Defeat Experiment 221. Defeat Maleficent. Escort Jaq to the Mousehole.
Frozen Fortune Ice Cream Earn a Fantastic score on Dessert Paradise (Master) in Ice Cream Beat.

Level 2[edit]

Style Required Commands How to obtain
Terra Ventus Aqua
Rockbreaker Brutal Blast, Mine, Edge Defeat Trinity Armor. N/A N/A
Dark Impulse Dark, Gravity Visit the Badlands before returning to the Land of Departure. N/A N/A
Cyclone Raid, Aero N/A Defeat Trinity Armor. N/A
Wingblade Edge, Magnet, Reprisal N/A Defeat Metamorphosis on the Keyblade Glider. N/A
Ghost Drive Thunder, Magnet N/A N/A Defeat Vanitas in Neverland.
Bladecharge Fire, Blizzard, Strike Defeat Peter Pan. N/A Defeat Trinity Armor.
Sky Climber Dash, Zero Gravity, Sonic Blade N/A Clear Sinister Sentinel at the Mirage Arena. Clear Combined Threat at the Mirage Arena.
Rhythm Mixer (Final Mix) Thunder, Mine, Strike Obtain a perfect score (140 points) in the Sticker Album.