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The D-Link system is one of Birth By Sleep's new features taking the place of the "Summon" command from the previous installments. Terra, Ventus, and Aqua can use the D-Link system to borrow the powers of certain characters that they meet throughout the course of their journeys.

How D-Links are Obtained[edit]

D-Links are automatically forged upon the completion of a world within the game, or VIA cutscenes in the story. The only exception to these rules are the "Pete" and "Vanitas" D-Links, which are open after specific situations.(See D-Link List)

How to Use a D-Link[edit]

To activate a D-Link, press the Right Directional button on the PSP's D-pad to bring up the D-Link list. From there, the player may choose which D-Link they wish to use in combat. After a brief animation, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua will have their Deck Commands altered for the spell's duration. The Commands given are determined by (And will fit the theme of)the D-Link used. To break the D-Link and regain your origiunal Commands, simply prss th Right button again, and choose "Revert."

How to Level D-Links[edit]

If the player defeats an enemy while Linked, they may notice a flower-like token rise up from their defeated enemy. Picking up this token will not only restore the D-Link Gauge back to full status, but will also increase the Link's Level by one. When a Link Levels up, not only will it become more powerful, but it will gain an ability that can help the player in combat. (Note that these Abilities are passive, not useable, like Commands) Links have a maximum Level of 2, though Tokens may still appear even after the Links have reached their limit. If the Player picks up a Token in this situation, all it will do is refill the D-Link Gauge.

Character's D-Links[edit]

The three Key bearers will usually end up with the same D-Links by the end of the game, though some D-Links are character-specific.

Note that Terra, Ventus and Aqua D-Link with each other at the game's start, making them the first D-Links avaliable to the Player.

  • Terra (Ventus/Aqua Only)
  • Ventus (Terra/Aqua Only)
  • Aqua (Terra/Ventus Only)
  • Cinderella
  • Snow White
  • Maleficent (Terra Only)
  • Pete (Unlocked after completing Disney Town, activating his Special Panel Ability on the Disney Town Command Board)
  • Zack
  • Experiment 626
  • Peter Pan
  • Mickey (Ventus and Aqua Only)
  • Vanitas (Ventus Only, Only useable in the Final Battle)