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Stickers are a feature introduced in the North American and European releases of the game, and have been a feature in every release since (namely, Final Mix and HD). Like the puzzle pieces of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Stickers are scattered all across the worlds, usually reachable with higher level Action Commands such as High Jump, Glide, or Air Slide. Also like the puzzle pieces, Stickers must be placed properly in each character's Sticker Album in order to maximize that character's score, the maximum being 100 points in the original version of the game and 140 points in Final Mix, with a reward of the Rhythm Mixer Command Style. Below are Sticker locations and ideal placements for each character.

KHBBS sticker album Terra.png

KHBBS sticker album Ventus.png

KHBBS sticker album Aqua.png

Terra Ventus Aqua
Sticker Location Sticker Location Sticker Location
Balloon Forest Clearing Balloon Mine Entrance Fireworks Foyer
Huey Audience Chamber Ice Cream Cottage Clearing Bubble Palace Courtyard
Flying Balloon Tower Room Louie Mousehole Picnic Basket Courtyard
Louie Underground Waterway Fireworks Cinderella's Room Bubble Vault
Balloon Flower Glade Dewey Audience Chamber Horace Dungeon
Traffic Cone The Chateau Confetti Hall Flower Forest Clearing
Flying Balloon Passage Ice Cream Gardens Juice Front Doors
Balloon Sorcerer's Chamber Fireworks Front Doors Donut Aqueduct
Flying Balloon Central Square Huey Fountain Court Flower Castle Town
Dale Fountain Court Chip Raceway Minnie Main Plaza
Airplane Outer Gardens Mickey Gizmo Gallery Daisy Raceway
Traffic Cone Raceway Minnie Pete's Rec Room Fireworks Coliseum Gates
Pete Gizmo Gallery Confetti Coliseum Gates Dale Turo Prison Block
Balloon Coliseum Gates UFO Ship Hub UFO Ship Hub
Flying Balloon Turo Prison Block Ice Cream Launch Deck Fireworks Jungle Clearing
UFO Ship Corridor Rainbow Rainbow Falls: Base Rainbow Mermaid Lagoon
Rainbow Rainbow Falls: Base Dale Mermaid Lagoon Chip Rainbow Falls: Ascent
Chip Skull Rock: Entrance Ice Cream Mysterious Tower Donald Tower Entrance
Dewey Peter's Hideout Ice Cream Seat of War Flower Seat of War
Traffic Cone Twister Trench Ice Cream Twister Trench Bubble Fissure