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KH CoM world Wonderland.png

When Sora, Donald, and Goofy enter Wonderland, the first thing they see is a rabbit who claims that he's late. When he runs off, they follow him and encounter what looks like an outdoor courthouse. Alice is being sentenced to death for a crime that she didn't commit, and Sora has no choice but to intervene. After Sora claims that he stole the Queen's memory and not Alice, she orders the cards to seize them. A battle starts. The cards are a little harder to defeat than your typical Heartless, and also come in large numbers. After you defeat all of them, you'll get the Card Soldier enemy card.

After the battle, everyone will notice that Alice has disappeared. Just as the three of them are about to get bombarded by a large group of cards, Sora gives the order to run and they run into the forest, where Alice is waiting. After she thanks them, the Chesire Cat appears. When the conversation is over, you'll end up in the Bizarre Room. Not only will you run into the Queen, but also a large Heartless. This serves as your next boss battle.


KH CoM character Trickmaster.png
Aim for the center!

It'd be best to lock on for this boss, since the targeted area is the only place it will take any damage. Trying Stop or Gravity on it won't work - these attacks will have no effect on it. From the get-go, you'll be able to tell that the Trickmaster has one specialty, and that specialty is fire. It'll usually be throwing torches around, preparing its next attack. This is the moment to attack the Trickmaster. Below are the attacks used by the Trickmaster:

  • Simply a fireball which acts very similarly to Sora's Fire card. When this is coming your way, you'll get a bit of reaction time, so either try breaking it (the attack usually starts around the time the Trickmaster crosses its torches) or dodge it.
  • The Trickmaster walks across the room for this attack. Be wary of its heels, as these can do a bit of damage to your HP bar. The easiset strategy to oppose this attack is to dodge.
  • The Trickmaster slams its arms down onto the floor. This damages Sora if he's on the ground, so the way to avoid this attack is to, obviously, jump. Being in the middle of a combo is helpful when this move comes your way as well.
  • A move in which the Trickmaster swings its torches around. This will hurt you the most when you're in the air, so stay on the ground when it prepares this move.
  • When the Trickmaster takes a small break to prepare its next attack - a powerful two-armed strike - this is your best chance to attack. It will be openly vulnerable and will also give you a Trinity card.

Once you've defeated the Trickmaster, you'll get the Trickmaster enemy card and you'll be free to leave Wonderland.