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There are some mini-games that can only be triggered through certain hidden switches that are scattered throughout the game. Some switches can be found easily, but for many, you will need a special ability in order to unlock these secrets. This chapter will guide you through step-by-step in order to unlock all the exclusive mini-games in Kirby's Adventure.

Note: You must complete this task in order to achieve 100% and unlock the Bonus Game.

Chapter 3: Butter Building[edit]

Stage 1 - Unlocked: Arena[edit]

This is straightforward. When you enter the white corridor, go down until you see two blocks. Inhale both blocks, revealing a hidden door. Go in, and you will see room with a bomb icon, with a door on the other side of the ceiling. Dash into the icon, blasting the ceiling. Enter, and the switch is in the room.

Stage 6 - Unlocked: egg catcher[edit]

Again, very straightforward. When you are climbing the tower outside, you will see a balcony with blocks guarding a hidden door. Inhale the blocks, go inside, and you will go into a cavern with another bomb icon, and a secret door on the other side of the wall. Blast the wall, and quickly hover to the other side. Go into the door, and the hidden switch is waiting for you.

Chapter 4: Grape Garden[edit]

Stage 1 - Unlocked: Crane Fever[edit]

This switch will again be hidden behind blocks. In the dark part of the stage, inhale a Waddle Doo to get Beam. Use Beam to easily dig through the blocks until you see a cross-shaped group of blocks. After clearing those, hover inside and you'll find another hidden switch.

Stage 3 - Unlocked: Museum[edit]

No special ability is required. In the windy part of the stage, hover above all the blimps. Continue hovering until you cannot go any further. Hover down, until you see a blimp with a door. Go into the door, and trigger the switch.

Stage 6 - Unlocked: Warp Star Station[edit]

Special ability required: Light

In the pitch-black corridor, hop over a gap and go up the large stairs. There will be a Spook. Swallow it to get light and illuminate the path. Go back down the stairs. Watch out for enemies. Jump back over the gap and you will see a big white arch next to a pillar. To the left of the pillar there is a door. Enter inside, and the yellow switch for the Warp Star Station is there.

Chapter 5: Yogurt Yard[edit]

Stage 1 - Unlocked: Crane Fever[edit]

No special ability is required, but you will have to do some digging! In the part of the stage where you must fall, evading the falling enemies, you will land on some blocks where there is a door. Don't go through the door, but instead, dig through the blocks, until you reach another door below. Go inside, and the hidden switch is waiting for you.

Stage 4 - Unlocked: Arena[edit]

In the field containing waterfalls, go through one of them to enter a hidden cavern. Hover through the cavern until you see a door in the middle. Enter through there, trigger the switch, and the arena should now be accessible to you.

Stage 5 - Unlocked: Quick Draw[edit]

Special abilities required: Hi-jump, Fire

Getting this switch will take some work. You have to be quick on your arms and feet. As you're hovering through the forest, you will see a tree with a door. Enter through, and you will go to a field involving a Starman, a Hot Head, and a cannon. Unfortunately, the cannon is blocked by star blocks. This should be a breeze if you're a fast video gamer who knows puzzles involved in the getting the correct order. First inhale the Starman, then quickly clear the blockage. Hurry and inhale the Hot Head before he disappears from the screen (If you miss the Hot Head, you will have to repeat the process over again). Light the fuse, then quickly hover and fall into the cannon. Bull's Eye! You will land exactly on the switch.

Stage 6 - Unlocked: Warp Star Station[edit]

Special abilities required: Hammer

This is one of the toughest switches to get. You will need the Hammer ability for this switch. The quickest way to obtain the ability is to challenge Bonkers in the Arena you just unlocked. After defeating him, get the hammer. Hang on to that mallet! Dodge every Wheelie and Waddle Dee you encounter. When you get to the aquatic portion of the stage, go into a palm tree, revealing a room of bricks blocking a door. Using the hammer, smash the bricks, go through the door, and you will go into a cavern with the switch hidden inside.

Chapter 6: Orange Ocean[edit]

Stage 1 - Unlocked: Museum[edit]

Special abilities required: Hammer, Wheel, Fireball

In the scene where the sky is blue, there is a random door which leads to a small cave. Inside the cave, there is a secret door underneath, but it is sealed off by a brick. Hammer can be used to destroy the brick, but a rather tedious task. The quickest method to the trigger is to leave the cave, inhale two enemies, get Mix, and hope to get either Wheel or Fireball. Re-enter the cave and destroy the brick. You are now able to get in. The door will reveal the hidden trigger. The museum housing the Wheelie is now yours at your disposal!

Stage 2 - Unlocked: Arena[edit]

Special abilities required: Hammer or Stone

This one is very difficult to get. On the screen where there is a bottle and a bomb there is a hidden door above where was the bottle, there you can turn into stone or you can beat Bonkers in the Arena from Yogurt Yard and get his power, and then travel through this stage until your reach a door in the cloud and column area. Use hammer on the post right below where you come in and the button is right above you. Getting through the part without losing hammer/stone is quite difficult though, so be patient when doing it. Another strategy is to swallow both Parasol Waddle Dee and the Bomber at the start of the Cloud and Column area and mix until you get the Hammer or Stone Ability. If you fail, just head down to the start of the area and wait a few seconds for them to respawn.

Stage 3 - Unlocked: Crane Fever[edit]

Special abilities required: Hammer and Laser

Another tricky one. Go through the stage until you reach Bonkers. Defeat him and then take his power, then travel up to the top floor. Head right and break the box along the wall with the hammer and travel down. Break the bomb block and go through the hidden door to the left of it. Defeat the Sword knight and go through the hidden door there. Get Laser from the Laser Ball before he flies away and then go back through the hidden door in the water. Go through the door on the left when you're back in the room with the 1-Up and the Knight. You should be in a room with two doors, a cannon, and a Hot Head. Kill the Hot Head and use Laser on the slant on the wall, lighting the fuse to the cannon. Get in the cannon quickly and then you'll be launched to the room with the button. And easy way to do this is to stand on the right platform by the cannon and do a hop to light the fuse.

Stage 4 - Unlocked: Egg Catcher[edit]

Sword makes this a little easier, but it can be done without powers. Go through the stage until you reach the cave part. Go to the right side of the screen, but do not go up the ladders. There's a hidden door in the wall with an indentation in it (2 squares). The back one has the hidden door. Go in and the button should be right below you.

Stage 5 - Unlocked: Quick Draw[edit]

Special abilities required: Fire or Fireball

Play until the end of the stage. Once you reach the final screen, destroy both bomb blocks before the exit. Then, go down the first one and light the fuse, and quickly run to the cannon in the other hole you made. The button is right by when you come in. It is an extremely close shave, which is why Fireball is recommended more than Fire since it goes a little bit faster, making it less stressful.

Stage 6 - Unlocked: Warp Star Station[edit]

Special abilities required: Fireball or U.F.O

On the beginning screen, right before the Sword Knight, drop down and fly under the level to the left and there should be two platforms. The one with the door only has one access, and it's blocked by ice. Use Fireball to dash through the ice and then go through the door where the button awaits. You can also go to the next room and eat U.F.O, then go back to the ice via the same door. Charge to full power, and shoot it at the ice.

Chapter 7: Rainbow Resort[edit]

Stage 1 - Unlocked: Crane Fever[edit]

Special ability required: Beam, Fireball

In the area with all of the blue blocks where your path is blocked by star blocks, you'll shortly come across a Waddle Doo. Swallow him and copy his ability by either waiting for him to walk close to the wall of the small area he's confined it, or use Spark where the Flamer appears to break open a hidden path. Make your way to the end of the room where you'll find three Waddle Dees trapped by blocks. There is a hidden vertical path that you must reveal with the Beam ability to reach the door at the top. It may help to try to leave some of the blocks as foot holds as the jump to reach and break the higher blocks may be tricky. The last two blocks in front of the door can only be broken with the Fireball ability, which you can obtain by inhaling the Flamer enemy found earlier in the same room.

Stage 6 - Unlocked: Warp[edit]

Play the level as usual, until you go to the star door, the entrance to the switch is hidden just above the column directly to the right of the star door, in the moon.