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Mini-games can be found in rooms in world map for the various levels. They can only be visited once.

Crane Fever[edit]

The crane game gives you to chances to collect pink kirby dolls. To get them, hold A button until the crane is directly above the doll, release A button, and press and hold A button again until the claw is on top of the doll. Collecting a small doll gives a 1-up, while getting a large doll gives 2 extra lives.

The catch for the large dolls is that they are harder to collect; they sometimes drop out of the crane on the trip back.

Egg Catcher[edit]

Eat all of the eggs thrown at you, but avoid eating the bombs. As you eat eggs, the meter on the left fills, but eating a bomb ends the mini-game.

Quick Draw[edit]

Press A button when the enemy draws his pistol. If you are too slow, the enemy will knock you out, ending the mini-game.

The bonus is awarded based on the number of levels you pass. If King Dedede hits you, you will get a 1-up.