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Stage 1[edit]

Map - Part 1
Map - Part 2
Map - Part 3

The introductory level is fairly simple, just continue to the right.

Secret UFO Room[edit]

In the second section of this level, fly under the leftmost block in the waterfall, then press up to access a secret room, which will give you access to the UFO ability early in the game. He'll fly by rather quickly, so be ready!

Minigame - Crane Fever[edit]

Kirby's Adv CraneFever.png

Before moving on to Level 2, you may want to play this mini-game first.

The crane game gives you two chances to grab pink Kirby dolls, which are exchanged for 1-Ups. To get them, hold A button until the crane is directly above the doll, release A button, and press and hold A button again until the claw is on top of the doll. The small dolls are worth one life, and the big dolls are worth two.

The catch for the large dolls is that they are harder to collect; they sometimes drop out of the crane on the trip back.

Stage 2[edit]

Map - Part 1 Map - Part 4
Map - Part 2
Map - Part 3

This stage introduces star blocks as well as invincible enemies. You can remove the star blocks by sucking them in, or hitting them with a solid attack. At the end of the first section, touch the warp star to continue.

When you land, advance to the right to encounter your first Mid-Boss: Poppy Bros Sr. He has a two-move pattern:

  • After a short dance, it leaps into the air, and throws a bomb at you. Grab it and throw it back.
  • After another short dance, it leaps towards you.

Defeating this boss gives you the Crash ability, which clears all enemies on the screen but can only be used once.

To get the tomato in the following section, get an attack capable of hitting two blocks, and follow the lower path. To continue, head through the upper door, and follow the final section to the top to reach the goal.

Stage 3[edit]

Map - Part 1 Map - Part 3
Map - Part 2
Map - Part 4

Completing this stage will allow you access to a Museum, containing the Sword ability.

Stage 4[edit]

Map - Part 1 Map - Part 2 Map - Part 3
Map - Part 4

Later on in the stage, an enemy will approach with what appears to be a lollypop. Taking it gives you the Hyper mode, where you are invulnerable to enemies. Run to the right until you see the 1-up. Fly to it, while protected from damage to collect it safely.

Completing this stage unlocks the boss area, as well as a boarded up door with a star. This will open up later, as described in Ice Cream Island.

Boss - Whispy Woods[edit]

Whispy Woods

Whispy Woods is a large immobile tree with a face. He has two attacks: blowing gusts of wind, and dropping apples. Like most bosses, he's much easier to beat if you brought along a copy ability like Freeze, Spark, or Hammer: just get as close to him as you can and keep attack. Otherwise, you'll need to wait for him to drop apples, and spit them back at him until his health bar is depleated. Grab the Star Rod piece, and move on.