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Extra Mode is a setting that increases the game's overall difficulty. It changes most of the normal enemies into more powerful variations as well as occasional changes in enemy placement. Additionally, some enemies as well as all bosses have their behavior changed. It can be accessed by inputting Up dpad, Select button and A button simultaneously on the title screen. The differences between Extra Mode and the normal game is detailed below.



  • Some enemies now do two bars of damage.
  • Gordos deal three bars of damage.

Green Greens[edit]

  • Bront Burts are replaced by Koozers, which move much faster.
  • Cappies are replaced by Bloppers, which rapidly shoots damaging frosting around it.
  • Twizzies are replaced by Tookies. Grounded ones will fly up and around in circles instead of straight up when approached by Kirby.
  • Waddle Dees are slightly faster and can jump.
  • Poppy Bros. Sr. throws bombs more rapidly and can quickly charge across the screen instead of jumping around.
  • Whispy Woods drops Gordos as well as apples.

Castle Lololo[edit]

  • Boolers are replaced by Gaspars.
  • Chuckies are replaced by Hurlies, which appear much quickly and in higher numbers.
  • Mumbies are replaced by Skullers.
  • Shotzos are replaced by Blasties, which fire shots more rapidly.
  • Two Faces are replaced by Mr. P. Umpkin.
  • Waddle Doos also run slightly faster and can jump.
  • Broom Hatters can now dive at you.
  • Lololo pushes blocks faster and will push a Gordo after pushing out a block.
  • Lololo and Lalala are much faster.

Float Islands[edit]

  • Every Maxim Tomatoes in the level are replaced by Pep Brews.
  • Kabus are replaced by Grumples, which can phase through walls and actively chases you down.
  • Squishies are replaced by Flotzos.
  • Wizzers are replaced by Peezers.
  • Gordos replace the two Kabus at the latter half of the cave area.
  • Two Gordos now move vertically around the wall of star blocks near the end of the cave area.
  • Kaboola fires faster and moves faster.

Bubble Clouds[edit]

  • Dizzies are replaced by Bennies.
  • Puffies are replaced by Cawcuns.
  • Kooklers are replaced by Whiskers.
  • Sir Kibbles are replaced by Boomers, which toss multiple boomerangs at a time.
  • Parasols actively chase after you when released.
  • There are a lot of Gordos in the falling section of the secret area.
  • Kracko Jr. moves more erratically and drops bombs instead of Waddle Doos.
  • Kracko moves differently and drops bombs instead of Waddle Doos.

Mt. Dedede[edit]

  • Differences from previous levels such as boss behavior carry over to the four doors.
  • King Dedede is much faster and will leap more often.


  • There is an additional credits sequence that displays the names of every enemy and boss in the game.
  • The ending picture gives the button combination for triggering Configuration Mode instead of Extra Mode.