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Part One[edit]

The level starts with a pair of Waddle Dees, which can be sucked and shot respectively. Continue going down the path, sucking and shooting enemies as necessary. There is no need to go up until you reach a large wall, which you can simply fly over. On the other side, there is a mushroom that releases a ghost if sucked. Dispatch of both of them at once with an Air Puff, or suck the mushbroom and shoot the ghost. Inside the nearby house are two Pep Brews, each of which can restore a couple of health points. Back outside, defeat the regular mushroom and jump over the abyss. Deal with foes in front of you and continue advancing until you reach the Warp Star.

Poppy Bros. Sr.[edit]

KDL Poppy Bros Sr.jpg

This miniboss does two things: jump and throw bombs. Both of these actions can hurt Kirby. However, there are a few weaknesses. First of all, the Poppy Bros. Sr. will only jump in a few certain places. So long as you remain in place the entire fight, you're immune to his jumping. As for his bombs, they are the key to his defeat. Suck up the bombs he throws and spit them back at him. Three hits will finish him off.

Part Two[edit]

You'll see several new enemies ahead, including Poppy Bros on Apples or Bulls, which must be defeated in two parts. Suck the bro and then shoot the steed. Some of the flying enemies will come down to attack, so be ready to press the B button to either suck or shoot at a moment's notice. Eventually, you will come across a doorway. Inside is a tower that must be climbed. Fly up, bypassing or destroying everything in your way. You will at one point see a Maxim Tomato on your left, behind a destroyable wall. Grab it if necessary. Be careful when going up the next part; it is patrolled by a rather quick moving Waddle Dee, which must be disposed of quickly and deliberately. Defeat the last couple of enemies above, and go through the door to face this stage's boss.

Whispy Woods[edit]

KDL Whispy Woods.png

Whisp.y Woods has two main attacks. First, it can rain apples upon Kirby from above in groups of three. Second, it can shoot pellets from its mouth. The apples, which must be sucked and used to shoot Whispy Woods in order to deal damage, telegraph where they will fall and can be sucked, evaded, or destroyed fairly easily. The pellets are most easily dodged by hiding under Whispy's nose. Beware, it is also possible to get hurt by said nose.

Six shots will defeat this boss. Then, grab the Star to go to the next level.