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Part One[edit]

This stage takes place on a relaxing island paradise. Compared to the previous stage, this section is much more straightforward. You must simply go to the right, while trying to take as little damage as possible. There will be long stretches of water that you must cross by floating over, which means you can't readily suck in approaching enemies, so focus on evading them. Falling into the water won't harm you, but you still can't suck and enemies may appear there. Once you reach the end, go through the door to go underground.

This subterranean area is a bit more maze-like, and most of the enemies here are Kabu. These cylindrical heads fly around unpredictably, and some can even teleport! There are also harmful stalactites and stalagmites, so be careful when flying around and watch where you land. There is an Energy Drink behind some star blocks after the first drop. Go right and fly up, then jump over the gap and suck away the star blocks to reveal a hidden door. Go through it and swim all the way down the following section to find a 1-Up at the end! Go through the door to return to the cave.

Go down the gap this time, and you will crush a Kabu when you land. Now you must go right, carefully maneuvering yourself to avoid touching the spikes that line the floor and ceiling. break through a few more walls of star blocks to reach the right end of the area. Fly up to the top of the cave to find a Maxim Tomato, then drop all the way down and clear the star blocks to go through the door.

Part Two[edit]

KDLFloat Islands 1.png
KDLFloat Islands 2.png

After a small water section, you will come across a battleship with a Superspicy Curry that you can collect. Time your landing so that you avoid the Shotzo's cannonballs, then use your curry-granted fire breath to defeat as many enemies as you can. There is a door along the way that leads to a small room with both a 1-Up and an Energy Drink. Go all the way to the end and hop on the Warp Star to fly into a whale's blowhole. The whale will blast you up into the clouds. Make your way to the end of this small section and grab the Mint Leaf. This power-up lets you hovers infinitely and shoot out as many air puffs as you want.

Boss: Kaboola[edit]

KDL Boss 3.jpg

Once you obtain the Mint Leaf, you will hover into the sky, where the evil blimp Kaboola will engage you. This boss battle plays out more like a traditional 2D shooter, in that you must simply shoot air puffs at it while avoiding its cannon shots. Kaboola will mostly fire a steady stream of cannonballs at you while flipping around to make itself harder to hit. It will also occasionally shoot three cannonballs that spread out, followed by trying to ram into you. It takes 40 air puffs to defeat it, after which you will land and collect the Sparkling Star.