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Part One[edit]


Now that you're in the sky, you must be more careful about where you jump, as falling off the stage is an instant death. Carefully make your way across the clouds while dodging Shotzo shots as well as Dizzies that fly across the stage. You will eventually come across some hovering enemies called Scarfies. They can't be inhaled, and trying to do so will only anger them and make them chase you around. Once you reach a corridor with some pillars in the background, you no longer have to worry about falling, but Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos and Shotzos will descend from above. At the end, go through the door.

Go to the right and you will be attacked by some Sir Kibbles. Their projectiles can be sucked and and shot back at them. You must then carefully float past a spike-filled passage and emerge outside. Puffies will swoop down at you while Bront Burts speed across the screen as you continue right, leaving you little time to dodge them. Go through the door at the end to reach a cloud section. There are many Kooklers in this section along with a Gordo. They move in a preset but somewhat erratic pattern, so patiently observe how they move and maneuver around them. Find your way to the door to reach the mini boss.

Mini Boss: Kracko Jr.[edit]

Kracko Jr. is much trickier as a mini boss compared to the ones you've faced before, but he is still easy to defeat. He will first shoot four cannonballs that sweep across the screen, then swoop down at you with a zigzag pattern. Then, he will create a Waddle Doo and erratically move around the borders of the screen. Simply hover at the top left corner when he does his first attack, then suck and spit the Waddle Doo he creates, jumping after you do so to dodge his swooping attack.

Part Two[edit]

You will fall down from a waterfall beside a Mint Leaf. Grab the Mint Leaf, then hover to the right and use your air puffs to clear the wall of star blocks. There are two Energy Drinks and one Maxim Tomato in the wall, but also some Gordos within, so you can risk getting hurt to replenish some of your health. After that is a maze of blocks followed with a floor of spikes that you must float over. Finally, float up the pillar to reach the door.

You emerge next to another power-up, the Superspicy Curry. Use it to blast apart the line of Star Blocks across the corridor, then go through the door. In the following section, keep floating up the screen while hugging the right wall until you come across a floating structure with a door. While the door leads to the boss, you enter a secret area by pressing Up dpad on the moon. The secret area contains several Maxim Tomatoes and 1-Ups that you must collect while falling down. At the end is another door that leads to the boss.

Boss: Kracko[edit]

KDL Kracko Screenshot.png

Kracko Jr. is back and deadlier than ever. It can swoop down at you or simply hover across the screen, while also gaining an attack where it rotates two beams around it. It can still create Waddle Doos, which are what you must suck in to spit at him. Be sure to hover at the top of the screen whenever he moves, and try not to stay too close to him too much in case he uses the spinning beam attack. It takes 6 hits to defeat Kracko.