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Grass Land is the first Level of the game and consists of three comparably short, simple Stages. You will find Rick the Hamster here, as well as a few Copy Abilities and your first mini-boss and boss battle. The boss of this Level is an apple tree named Whispy Woods.

Stage 1[edit]

Section 1[edit]

KDL2 Level1-1-1.png

This section should not cause any serious problems. It contains a number of enemies, but all of them are very weak types such as Waddle Dees and Bouncys. Use Kirby's basic skills to defeat them or avoid them. It is possible to fly over this section, but watch out for Bronto Burts if you should choose to do so. To proceed to the next section, enter the door at the far right using Up dpad.

(1) To get past the hill to the right, Kirby must use the Star Block as a stepping stone or puff up to fly. Should you revisit this stage later with Rick or Kine, keep in mind that they keep Kirby from puffing up, so do not destroy the Star Block or you must leave your friend behind to proceed!

(2) Inhale or destroy the block above the door to find a small star. Star Blocks frequently hide small stars at many points throughout the game; this guide's level maps display these stars in front of the blocks that normally obscure them, showing you where to look for them.

Section 2[edit]

KDL2 Level1-1-2.png

Like Section 2, this part of the stage does not contain many difficult enemies. Be careful about destroying or inhaling Star Blocks in the right half of the section, as they may prove helpful in keeping enemies from reaching you if you leave them intact. You can complete the Stage by entering the door on the far right, but be sure to check out the door leading to Section 3 first.

(3) In order to collect this small star, drop through the platform with Down dpad. Thin platforms like this one occur frequently throughout the game, and Kirby may drop through most of them; this may often be necessary to reach certain areas.

(4) The door with the three little stars above it is a goal door. These can be found at the end of every Stage and let you complete the current Stage and gain access to the next one by entering them.

KDL2 GoalGame.png

Goal Bonus Game[edit]

After passing through the goal door of each Stage, Kirby is sent to a short bonus game where he drops onto a springy cloud. Press A button when he has pushed the cloud down to its lowest point to launch him upwards; if your timing is right, you may be rewarded with points, health-restoring items or 1-ups!

Section 3[edit]

KDL2 Level1-1-3.png
Floaty the Drifter.

It is not required to enter this section, as it does not lead anywhere except back to Section 2, but entering it may be worth it for the Health Drink and Copy Ability.

(5) The hopping parasol enemy is Floaty the Drifter. Inhale and swallow it to obtain your first Copy Ability: Parasol! You can try it out on the Star Blocks to the right and collect the Health Drink surrounded by them to restore two bars of health.

Stage 2[edit]

Section 1[edit]

KDL2 Level1-2-1.png

The first section of this Stage is short, but contains a new type of enemy: Flamers can transform into fireballs and launch themselves at Kirby in a horizontal line. There is no need to avoid them; you can simply inhale or attack them head-on, even while they are in fireball form, defeating them instantly. You may swallow one for the Burning ability, which lets Kirby execute a similar attack as the enemy; if you still have the Parasol ability, remember to drop it with Select button before attempting to inhale, though.

(1) If you have picked up the Burning ability, you can use it to very quickly blast through the Star Blocks at this part! Enter the door on the other side to reach your first mini-boss battle.

Section 2 - Mini-Boss: Efreeti[edit]

KDL2 Level1-2-2.png

Not unlike a Flamer, Efreeti attempts to harm Kirby by launching itself at him as a fireball, but moves relatively slowly, so avoiding it should not be hard; make sure not to touch the bag suspended from the ceiling, however, as it will harm Kirby. You can use your Copy Ability to attack Efreeti or, in absence of one, inhale the stars it generates whenever it collides with a wall or the floor and spit them at it. Objects spat at Efreeti cause a considerably larger amount of damage that any ability in the game, so a good way of beating it quickly is to drop your Copy Ability with Select button and spit the discarded star at the mini-boss, then spit two of its own stars at it. This is an especially good strategy if you already started the fight with the Burning ability, as you will be able to get precisely that ability back by inhaling and swallowing the defeated Efreeti.

Once Kirby is victorious, a door to the next section will appear in the upper right corner and the bag suspended from the ceiling will drop to the ground and open, revealing Rick the Hamster! Be careful to get out of its way when it drops, as it can cause damage by landing on Kirby. Pair up with Rick by touching him; he will enhance your Copy Abilities while you are with him and grant you some extra health. If for some reason you wish to send him away, you can do so at any time by pressing Select button; if you have a Copy Ability, you will have to discard it before you are able to part with your friend, but you can get it back by swallowing the resulting star. Keep in mind that you will have to rescue Rick again if you want him back, however.

Section 3[edit]

KDL2 Level1-2-3.png
Stay on the ground to stay out of the Floaty's reach.

This is another straightforward area; just force your way to the right, across the hills and towards the goal door. There are no Flamers in this area and most of the enemies are standard fare, but watch out for the occasional parachuting Waddle Dee.

(2) Rick cannot jump high enough to reach the Health Drink here; if you are with him, destroy the Star Block to make the beverage fall down instead.

(3) The Floaty here behaves differently from those previously encountered; if Kirby gets too close, it will briefly fly after him at a relatively high speed before taking off into the sky and disappearing. Be careful not to let it ram you; staying on the lowest ground level should keep you out of its reach.

Stage 3[edit]

Section 1[edit]

KDL2 Level1-3-1.png
These blocks are hiding a door.

Unlike previous sections, this one, as well as all the other sections of Stage 3, scrolls in all directions. The section is only one block taller than those of Stage 1 and 2, however, so it does not make much of a difference in this case. It also introduces bottomless pits and water (in form of a small pond). Falling into the former immediately causes you to lose a life, so avoid them at all costs; you can swim inside the latter, but it prevents you from inhaling and makes your Copy Abilities weaker while you are submerged.

(1) Be careful: Once you reach this point, a Waddle Dee pops up behind you and runs towards you at a high speed; quickly turn around towards it to make it stop, then take it out like a normal Waddle Dee.

(2) Sometimes, Star Blocks obscure not only small stars, but also doors. Inhale or destroy the stack of blocks here to reveal the door to the next section.

Section 2[edit]

KDL2 Level1-3-2.png

This very short section is chiefly vertical with some horizontal scrolling. Advance towards the top by jumping or flying upwards, but watch out for enemies above you.

(3) A Crack-Tweet is blocking your way to the door at the top; defeat it by jumping up next to it and attacking it from the side or by using the Parasol ability to hit it from below.

Section 3 - Rainbow Drop[edit]

KDL2 Level1-3-3.png

IMPORTANT: Collecting every Rainbow Drop on your first playthrough leaves you unable to watch the "false" ending. If you want to see both of the game's endings, leave at least one out at first; you can go back and get it at any time later.

This section is a Rainbow Drop room. You will find one of these rooms in every Level, though not all of them can be reached as easily. These rooms contain no enemies, but instead house one of the seven Rainbow Drops required to fight Dark Matter at the end of the game. You always need a specific Copy Ability (and sometimes a specific Animal Friend as well) in order to obtain Rainbow Drops.

In order to pick up this one, you will need the Parasol ability. If you do not already have it, you can find a Floaty that yields it at the beginning of the next section (don't worry, you can return to the Rainbow Drop room from there!). Use the ability to break the two cloud-like blocks near the bottom. Rick makes it easier to do this, but it is also possible without him if you jump while you are under the blocks and press B button to use your ability at the right moment. Simply touch the Rainbow Drop to collect it!

Section 4[edit]

KDL2 Level1-3-4.png

The final section is no longer than the first one, but contains a lot of enemies, especially at the beginning, albeit basic and common ones. As usual, proceed to the right to reach the goal.

(4) If you want the small star at this point, stay on the bottommost ledge right from the beginning. While you can reach higher levels by jumping upwards, you cannot drop down through the platforms here, so if you jump up too early, you lose your chance at getting the star unless you walk back to the start and try again.

(5) Rick cannot jump high enough to reach the goal door from the bottom; if you are with him, jump across the elevated ledges instead. Otherwise, you can simply fly upwards at this point.

Boss: Whispy Woods[edit]

The tree himself.

Whispy Woods is the first boss you will face in the game, and was the first boss of Kirby's Dream Land, the first game. He is a large, stationary tree with a surgeon's mask who attacks you by sending his spiky roots through the ground and dropping apples that bounce around; once you have taken down one third of his health and destroyed his mask, he also starts blowing air at you, which you may have to jump over, especially if you are standing far away from him. To defeat him, use any Copy Ability (except for the Burning ability without Rick, which only lets you harm the boss in a way that hurts Kirby as well) or inhale his apples and spit them back at him; be careful not to hit his roots or other apples with them, however, or they will disappear without hitting the boss and thus be wasted.

Something important to remember is that Whispy's roots always appear in the same locations, so once you have found a spot where they cannot hit you (but you can hit the boss), avoid moving left or right if possible. The easiest such spot to locate is on the leftmost side of the screen - while it leaves Whispy out of the range of Copy Abilities, you can defeat him by discarding your ability and attacking him with his apples; get ready to jump over an occasional air pellet coming your way, though. If you intend to use abilities, another safe spot from his roots is directly in front of Whispy (be careful not to touch him); this spot also leaves you entirely safe from his air pellets as long as you do not jump, but puts you at a greater risk of being hit by his apples. The Parasol ability works very well here, especially without Rick; simply use it once and Kirby will hold the parasol over his head while you are not attacking, protecting him from apples. Other safe spots exist, but are harder to locate, so Kirby may get hit by roots once or twice until you have accurately moved him to the correct spot.

After taking down all of the boss's life, Kirby and two clones of his will do a little dance, followed by a Warp Star appearing in the middle of the screen. Touch the star in order to leave the battle and be taken to the Island Selection screen, where the next Level, Big Forest, will materialise! If you have collected Grass Land's Rainbow Drop, it will also be shown on the map. Move Kirby to the new island (Right dpad) and press Start button or A button to enter it; don't worry, you will still be able to return to Grass Land at any time; just touch the Warp Star at the top of any Level hub to return to the Island Selection screen.

Bonus Chance[edit]

If you enter the boss' door after beating the boss, you can play a small minigame called Bonus Chance. In this minigame, you can collect Small Stars to obtain more lives. However, getting hit once will end the minigame, and the boss' door will be closed until you beat another stage. If you manage to get every Small Star in the minigame without getting hit, you will get a perfect score and an additional 1-Up. Getting a perfect in Bonus Chances count toward 100% completion of the game, so be sure to clear each one of them if you want to fully complete the game.

For Whispy Woods, he will simply spit Small Stars from his mouth, as well as apples. The Small Stars will either fall down to the ground or fly across the screen with an arc. The apples behave as usual, but hitting them will end the Bonus Chance.