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You adventure to stop Dark Matter begins here! This simple grassy field will introduce you to many basic aspects of the game, like copy abilities, items, Animal Friends and Heart Stars. Being the very first level of the game, it wouldn't take too much effort to clear.

Baby steps[edit]

Simply go down this path and familiarize yourself with the controls. Most of the enemies here are Waddle Dees, basic enemies that can easily be avoided. You can inhale them and them spit them out, which can be used to defeat other enemies, or just use your slide to get rid of them immediately. Further down the path is some Star Blocks. Be sure to attack or swallow these blocks when you come across them, as they usually contain Small Stars behind them. Collect enough Small Stars for an extra life! Soon, you'll come across a small knight that attacks by throwing boomerangs called Sir Kibble. Swallow it to get the Cutter ability, your very first ability in the game! You lose your inhalation for the ability to throw blades, but note that you could lose it if you take too much damage.

Continue to the right and go into the first door you see to enter a small area with two Animal Friends! The hamster to the right is called Rick, who can damage enemies by jumping on them, walk on slippery surfaces without any lost of traction, and climb up walls. However, Rick doesn't have the infinite jumps that Kirby has, so you have to be more precise with your jumps. The animal on the left is Nago, who limits your midair jumps to just two, letting you do a triple jump. Both Animal Friends modify your copy abilities in different ways and their own special traits are sometimes needed to solve puzzles. Choose one to accompany you through the rest of the level, then exit the room.

The rest of the section is pretty straightforward. There is a series of blocks with boomerang icons carved into them in your path. If you still have the Cutter ability, attack the blocks to destroy them, letting you get several Small Stars. Further on is a small section valley with a particularly high ledge that cannot be cleared with a single jump. If you're with Rick, this gives you a chance to practice wall climbing, as you need it to continue onward. Go through the door at the very end to enter the next area.

New abilities[edit]

Right at the start of the section are some blocks with an umbrella carved into them, as well as some red enemies wearing small hats. These creatures are called Sasukes, and they grant you a new ability, Parasol! As you might have guessed, Parasol can be used to destroy the umbrella blocks. Continue down the path and use your Parasol ability to break the blocks that form a wall, then get the 1-Up inside, giving you an extra life!

You will soon come across Sparkies, teardrop-shaped enemies that emit electricity from their abilities. They give you the Spark ability, and its no surprise that this ability is needed to break through blocks will sparkle shapes on them. Two of these blocks further forward blocks a Maxim Tomato. While not an extra life, Maxim Tomatoes are still a great item, as they completely heal any health you've lost! The rest of the section is pretty simple and unremarkable, but you will come across another healing item, a bottled drink, before you reach the door at the end.

Heart Star: Don't trample the tulips![edit]

Another new enemy is introduced here, the Poppy Bros. Jr. Although the senior of the two brothers is never seen, you can bet this younger brother can be seen hopping around in a lot of places, sometimes even balancing on balls. There are also several red tulips growing out of the ground. They won't harm you in any way, and you want to go out of your way to avoid trampling them. Be especially careful around them if you're currently partnered with Rick, since you must clear every tulip with only one jump.

Down a hilly path, you will soon see an Invincibility Lollipop tucked away in a shallow pit. As it name implies, getting it grants you total invincibility, letting you run straight through any enemy in your path! Take care not to accidentally flatten any of the tulips while you dash to the exit. If you succeeded in not trampling any of the tulips along the way, the lone tulip in this final room will grant you a Heart Star as a reward! There is a Heart Star in every level, each requiring a certain method to obtain. You don't have to get them all, but they are required for total completion. If you return to a level in which you have already collected the Heart Star, fulfilling the requirement for the Heart Star will net you a 1-Up instead.

After the area with the tulip if the ending minigame. This minigame is played at the end of every level. There are multiple items that you can obtain from this minigame, like Small Stars of various values, Energy Drinks, Maxim Tomatoes and 1-Ups. However, there are also grey faces that don't give you anything. The key here is to simply jump at the right time so you land on the tile with the item you want. Observe Kirby and his partner's animation. The further they are wounded up when you press the jump button, the further they will leap.