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From the verdant green fields to the rocky hills of Grass Land, you can certainly expect to meet more partners, as well as gain a variety of new abilities.

Three more copy abilities[edit]

Right from the start, you can see a witch flying around on top of her broom. This is a Keke, and inhaling her broom with make her fall to the ground. You can swallow the broom for the Clean ability, which lets Kirby sweep the floor to damage nearby enemies. Just down the path is another new enemy, a Rocky, which gives you the Stone ability. With this ability, you can turn into a Stone, rendering you completely impervious to attacks as well as crushing any enemies below you.

If you're low on health, you might want to get the Clean ability instead of Stone, which will let you get a Health Drink under some blocks that you can only destroy with Clean. Keep going forward to see another new enemy, a walking fireball called Bobo. Swallow it to get the Burning ability, letting you shoot forward in a ball of fire as an attack! Keep going right until you reach the door at the end, then enter it.

Meeting new friends[edit]

There are two more partners for you to pick. The pink octopus is Chuchu, who can still multi-jump, but her jumps will gain less distance after a while. Chuchu can also stick to ceilings. Meanwhile, the green bird is called Pitch. Unlike other helpers, he doesn't really have any special abilities, but the changes he makes to your own copy abilities are useful nonetheless. If you want to get the Heart Star of this level, you need to pick Chuchu. Go through the door at the right once you've made your choice.

Heart Star: Chuchu's calming touch[edit]

There is a new type of enemy that roam in this section, called Bouncy Tys. These spring enemies hop along on the ground on their springs. They are pretty harmless, but their jump arcs make them tricky to attack or evade. Go down a path until you come across what seems like a big slab of rock with many Star Blocks on its surface. Destroy the lower group of blocks to reveal a door, then go through it!

There is a green spring creature in this small area, and he is the key to getting the Heart Star. The spring thing is called MuchiMuchi, and he isn't very happy. You need to cheer him up with help from Chuchu! Throw away any ability you have and use your normal attack to make Chuchu extend one of her tentacles at MuchiMuchi, which will make it happy. You can now get the Heart Star at the end of the level!

You've helped out MuchiMuchi, but there is still a bit more to go before you reach the end of the level. Soon you'll encounter a Popon, an odd slime monster. Popons can grow taller and fling blobs of slime at you until they are destroyed. Attack the base of the Popon to defeat it quickly. Further on are some more Rockies, as well as a Health Drink behind some blocks that must be destroyed with Burning. Near the drink is the door to the next area.

Breezy path[edit]

Another type of enemy is introduced here, the deceptively cute Tick, which extends the spike on its head whenever you walk above it. Swallow Ticks to get the Needle ability, which lets you extend spikes around yourself too. Soon after, a Nruff you appear. While one of these charging boars were a boss in Kirby's Dream Land 2, here they're simple enemies. Further on is the introduction of another common enemy, the Bronto Burt. Expect to see a lot of these flying creatures in the future. With the Needle ability, you can also destroy the blocks preventing you from getting a 1-Up further to the right.

After the scaling the wall near the 1-Up, the level will start getting a bit tricky. There are Ticks placed in small pits and Bronto Burts flying above them, meaning that you have to either carefully fall into the pit and defeat the Tick or try to jump over the Tick and contend with the Bronto Burt. There are a few more pits with similar enemy placement, so you really have to be agile or quick to avoid taking damage. After that, you will be attacked by several Nruffs charging at you from the higher rocky path, so be prepared to evade or defeat them. Past the Nruffs is the door to MuchiMuchi, and subsequently to the exit!