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Grass gives way to bare soil and sand as you venture into the drier parts of Grass Land. You will have met every partner you can have after this level. Start working on your focus and observation skills, as you're going to need it for the Heart Star here!

The last two friends[edit]

The level starts off with a pretty basic section and a simple selection of enemies. Watch out for Nruffs running from above the ledges. There are also plenty of Sparkies and Rockies, if you need the Spark or Stone ability, respectively. Go through the level as usual until you come across a door. Enter it to meet the remaining two Animal Friends that you have yet to see: Kine and Coo! Kine the sunfish excels in swimming underwater, and can swim against strong currents, while Coo is the master of the air, able to fly against strong winds.

Exit the area and continue to the right. Nruffs start to appear much more frequently. Don't destroy any Star Blocks when you first come across them, as they often restrict a Nruff's path, preventing it from charging straight at you. Also be wary of ledges that let Nruffs pounce from above. Later on, you will also see Waddle Dees riding on Nruffs. While they don't make the Nruff itself any more powerful, the Waddle Dees can sometimes can flung off when the Nruffs hit a floor, and they can damage you while they are falling. Take care not to get accidentally hit by them.

Climb to the top[edit]

The screen here will automatically scroll upward, so you better keep jumping to stay ahead. Coo is especially useful for this part, as his aerial maneuverability and superior speed lets him make it to the top in no time. Be sure to dodge the tiny hopping blobs while collecting the stars, and try to get the Maxim Tomato halfway up as well. At the top are two floating dandelions called Pasara. They will split into three smaller versions of themselves when attacked, so it is generally best not to bother them.

Heart Star: Gordo pitching practice[edit]

You will encounter Pitcher here, who is the holder of this level's Heart Star. To get it, you must simply play a game with Pitcher. He will throw a Gordo, as in the black spike balls, behind two stone slabs. Your goal is to observe the face of the Gordo as it flies between the two stones, then identify that specific Gordo from a selection of different faces. You must get three consecutive correct answers to pass, which will net you the Heart Star!

A Nruff race[edit]

As soon as you reach this section, keep holding down to drop down as fast as you can. The screen will scroll down automatically along with a herd of Nruff. They can't actually hurt you here, so just enjoy watching the herd thundering down the winding path as you climb down the left side of the screen yourself. Once the screen reaches the bottom and stops, be sure to stay in the middle of the screen as the Nruff runs below you so you don't get hurt.

Cannonballs galore[edit]

Bouncy Tys make a reappearance here, as well as a new enemy, the Shotzo. These black cannons cannot be destroyed by any means, so the only thing you can do is to dodge their shots. The Shotzos here will only shoot up, and at set intervals, so dodging their cannonballs isn't difficult at all. After the Shotzos, watch out for a particularly thin section of the ground. A huge cannonball will slam down as soon as you set foot on that platform, so move away quickly to evade it. The rest of the section is a few Bouncy Tys before you reach the exit door.