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Lakeside woods turn into dense forest as you near the boss of Grass Land. This big forest will have many climbing challenges that flat ground lacks. There is also a performer in need of your help finding some geometric objects, so be sure to keep an eye out for any shapes you see!

Forest path[edit]

At the start, go left instead of right to find a sneakily hidden health drink. Now move right as usual. You will encounter the first Togezo resting on a tree trunk. These enemies have spiky shells and they can extend their spikes when you get close. Like Ticks, Togezo give you the Needle ability. There are also Bronto Burts hovering along the canopy, so be sure to avoid them. Next, you will see another new enemy, a Cappy. These classic Kirby enemies take two hits to defeat by inhalation. Inhaling it simply removes its cap, and you need to attack it a second time to take it out.

You will soon come across a door surrounded by two tree trunks. Be careful when standing on the tree trunks, as spider-like enemies called Como will descend from above and fire webs. These webs stick around for a short while in the air, and they can still hurt you in this state. Enter the door to find Rick and Chuchu. Select your partner and continue on. The remainder of the section is mostly filled with Togezo and Como. Proceed with care so you don't bump into either of them.

Heart Star: Find Pierre's shapes![edit]

Bobo reappears in this section, and you can swallow it if you want the Burning ability. There are also some Mariels that you have to watch out for. A Mariel initially appears as a black ball, but turns into a huge spider when you get close. Do not swallow Mariels, as they can actually harm you if you do! Climb the tree trunk until it opens up to a tall vertical shaft. Fall straight to the bottom to find a helpful 1-Up.

An inhabitant of Grass Land called Pierre holds the Heart Star of this level. He has lost the shapes that he uses to juggle with, and you need to find them all! First, keep climbing up the left shaft until you see a green triangle. You will need to temporarily ditch your Animal Friend to get it. As a bonus, continue climbing up to find a Health Drink at the very top. Now, fall back down and go back into the tree trunk two levels above where you first exited it.

Climb the tree trunk once again until you come across an opening to the right. Fall all the way down to get an orange circle, one of Pierre's three shapes. On your way back up, ditch your partner again to reach a blue square at the side of the tree trunk. Now climb back to the highest opening that lets you go back into the trunk. In this large room in the trunk, you can go up the steps to the right, letting you get a Health Drink but also disturbing a Mariel. Go up the steps to the left past the falling stone block to reach the door to the next area.

Tree-lined road[edit]

After the vertical maze that is the previous section, this area is rather straightforward. There is a higher frequency of enemies, from Broom Hatters and Como to Mariels. There is also a new enemy called the Yaban, who fires arcing arrows at you. Halfway into the section is a door that leads to an area with Nago and Coo, so it is useful if you want a change of companions. After the door, there are several Health Drinks to recover your health, but also quite a bit of enemies, so be careful not to lose all the health you just gained.

Falling from the canopy[edit]

This is another mostly vertical area, with plenty of enemies as well. The presence of Como mean you must navigate your way carefully, and there are Sasuke around if you want to get their Parasol ability. Also in this section are odd enemies called Apollos that spin around tree trunks. Unlike Mariels, they grant you health if you swallow them! Be careful as you descend toward the bottom of the section, as there are a lot of enemies scattered on the many platforms. The fast spinning Apollos also make your descent much harder. The door is at the floor of the area.

The final stretch of forest[edit]

The final section of the level is another straightforward stroll to the right. Drop down the left when you first enter to get a 1-Up. On your way to the exit, you will still have to contend with Rockies and Bobo, both of which grant the Stone and Burning abilities respectively, as well as Como, Apollo and even Dekabu. Don't be too hasty and you can clear the level with minimal damage.