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A scenic seaside path makes for a perfect introduction to Ripple Field. The pristine water here is shallow and also easily avoidable for those who have an aversion to swimming. Another species of flower need your help, but this time they wish to grow in addition to being preserved.

Grassy shores[edit]

This level starts off pretty simple, with the majority of the enemies here being Broom Hatters and Waddle Dees. You do want to get the Clean ability from the Broom Hatter if you want to get the Heart Star of this stage. The first half of the area is mostly land, with slight inclines along the way. However, as you get to the right half of the section, continuous land becomes island jutting out of the shallow waters. You can choose to swim slowly across the water, or use the platforms to cross the shallow pond. There are Glunks here that fire upward, so watch out for their attacks.

Heart Star: Sprout and bloom[edit]

You will end up in a short transition room, where you get to choose between Nago and Pitch. If you wish to get the Heart Star of this level, you will need to have Pitch with you for the rest of the stage. Go through the door to continue into the level. The enemies in the following section are nothing out of the ordinary, just with the addition of Poppy Bros. Jr. and Bronto Burts.

You will soon see an underwater door beneath a fall-through platform. Go through it to reach a small area necessary to get the Small Star. There is a little shoot here, and you must use the Pitch and Clean ability combination to water it, turning it into a tulip. Like in the very first stage, remember not to trample them! Return to the main stage and go over a hill to see another underwater door. Go through it and water both shoots inside. Past another small slope to reach the final underwater door, this time with three shoots. Water them all and you have secured your Heart Star! Return to the main stage and go through the door at the end.

Bridge crossing[edit]

The start of this section has you crossing a fairly long bridge made off fall-through platforms, so you can choose to either run across the entire bridge or go for the stars within the water. Beware of the Bobbins that swim around inside the water. They are capable of leaping on to the bridge, launching balls of electricity at you before dropping back into the waters below. As you'd expect, Bobbins grant you the Spark ability. After the bridge, there is another one of those green blobs that propel you in a set direction. Ignore it for now and go up the path at the top to reach a dead end containing a Health Drink.

Now hop into the green blob to launch yourself through the wall of bricks into a small area, then hop into the blob there to launch yourself out upward. Walk to the right, where you'll reach a section with a high path and a lower bridge over more Bobbin-infested waters. Fall through the path on to the bridge to find an Invincibility Candy. Take it and immediately dash to the right, running into any enemies you can see. The exit door is at the top of a multi-layered path patrolled by Waddle Dees. You will probably still be invincible by the time you reach it, so just plow through every one of the Waddle Dees to get to the door.