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The vast coral atolls of Ripple Field lead into the clear sea that makes up most of the land. You will be in the water more than ever when navigating around the reefs. An Elieel will challenge you to a minigame for the Heart Star, so sharpen your eyesight to beat the eel.

Coral walk[edit]

The level starts off with a short section of ground, which includes a Kapar is you want to get the Cutter ability. Then it's a long swim across most of the section. You will now start seeing Waddle Dees rowing across the water in addition to the usual water enemies. Just knock out their boat to make them sink into the water, drowning them quickly. At the end of the body of water is another Kapar, followed by an ominous Pacto hanging above a Health Drink. You have to quickly duck into the pit before Pacto nabs you, then continue to the door as Pacto is rising again.

Taking a plunge[edit]

After choosing from either Kine or Rick as your partner, continue forward into the next section. On this brief chunk of ground there is a Sparky if you wish to have the Spark ability. Continue to the right to see a small alcove with plenty of Glunks guarding a Maxim Tomato. Defeat the Glunks and get the tomato if you need health, then dive into the water at the center of the area. Watch out for the sole shark enemy, the Joe, in the water, as it will suck your health if you get caught by it. Swim into the water currents and let it carry you to the door. Just before the door is a 1-Up that can only be reached if you have either the Cutter or the Spark ability.

Heart Star: Elieel's spotting challenge[edit]

Swim up to the door at the top of this section to enter a small minigame featuring an eel called Elieel. Elieel will duck into one of the five pots and can emerge from any one of the five. Elieel will then switch between different pots, gradually getting faster and faster. At the end, you must pick which pot Elieel last emerged from. If you manage to get three right answers in a row, you can get the Heart Star! Return back to the previous section and swim down to the lowest door to reach the next area.

Race on the reef[edit]

You will be dropped into a brief water section. Swim across it and jump out to initiate an auto-scroll sequence. You must outrun the screen to avoid getting crushed by the left border. There are some Bobo if you need the Burning ability to shoot forward, as well as a Health Drink under some disappearing blocks. After that, you must dive back into the water while the screen is still scrolling. Take the top path once past the pair of Glunks for a Health Drink or the bottom path for a star, avoiding the Joe while you do. After that, take the middle path to get three stars and contend with another Joe. The scrolling will end once the exit door comes into view. Enter it to finish the level!