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Across the vast sea of Ripple Field, a large island appears, with a tall mountain at its center. The second monster possessed by Dark Matter is located somewhere on this tropical paradise. You will be tasked with an odd errand by the bearer of the Heart Star in this level, which requires fairly good underwater control as well as a bit of talent in sculpting.

On to a new land[edit]

The level simply starts off with you transitioning from the sea to a sandy beach. The sand does slow down your movement, but it is only present throughout the first few sections, so it isn't a big concern. Enter the door to reach an area where you can choose between Nago, Pitch and Rick. Pick any that you want, then go through the door to continue into the level.

In the following area, you will have to watch out for Rockies that attempt to crush you by jumping off the pine trees along the level. Approach each palm tree with caution so that you don't take damage. Past the palm tree-lined path, there will be several bridges and ledges spanning across some shallow water populated by Kapar. There is also an occasional Keke flying around on her broom. Enemy frequency is pretty high, so be extra careful in this area to avoid taking too much damage.

A cave maze[edit]

You will end up in a cave with several green blobs that launch you to the right. You must pick the right blob to launch yourself with, as most paths lead to dead ends. If you do end up in a dead end, you will have to go through the door at that dead end and proceed to the left in the following area to enter the door there and try again. The correct path is to take the top path first, then the bottom path in the next, then the second from the top path. This should take you to the correct door that will take you to the third section.

Heart Star: Make a shape[edit]

You will reach another cavernous area, but now with some water and rotating bars. The black bars do hurt you if you touch them, but you can render them harmless by destroying the Star Block they rotate from. As you reach the center of the area, the water will get deeper and a gap will appear at the very middle of the floor. Dive into the gap to find three doors. Go through the top door to see an arrangement of stone blocks, as well as a yellow creature that is the same shape as the blocks. Memorize the shape of the blocks, then go through either of the remaining two doors to find yourself in another chamber with a chunk of Star Blocks. To get the Heart Star, you must recreate the pattern from before by destroying the right Star Blocks. You can exit and reenter the room if you mess up. Once you succeed, there will be a sound effect and you can continue on to the door at the right of this area.

Climb up Nruff hill[edit]

This is a primarily vertical section that you have to climb up. This area is packed with enemies, from the many Nruffs that charge across the hill's ledges, to the various Propellers that hover around the area, to the Sasuke that drop down from the skies. There is a door at the bottom of the area that leads to a small section where you can get Coo, whose flying prowess will be quite useful to you in the following area. Be careful as you make your ascent, as you can easily hit a stray enemy if you're not careful. At the top, go right down the path. Avoid the explosive coconuts as you go, and defeat the last Propeller to go through the exit door.