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As if the desert heat isn't enough, you now have to plunge into a large volcano to continue through Sand Canyon. Like with most volcanoes, you can expect to get dangerously close to pools of flowing magma. An odd creature resides within these hostile caves, and it will give you a Heart Star if you can succeed in its counting challenge.

Down the volcanic crater[edit]

This level marks the first appearance of another new enemy, the Gabon. It will throw bones at you as its main form of attack, but you can inhale it skull mask. Once you do, it will panic and run away from you. The rest of this area is pretty simple. You have to descend down the stage level by level as you make your way deeper into the ground. There are a variety of enemies such as Broom Hatters, Sir Kibble and Rockies, so you have a good selection of copy abilities to choose from. There are three doors halfway through the section that takes you to small rooms containing Pitch, Coo and Chuchu respectively. After that, the slopes get steeper and steeper, until you can just fall straight to the door.

Subterranean tunnel[edit]

You're now inside the volcano, where there are a surprising amount of Kany sidestepping around. There are also spiky stone blocks that form unique obstacles. While the ones you've seen before simply attempt to fall on you, these blocks shoot out from the background. Only move past the blocks when they have fully retracted into the wall. You will also come across the traditional falling blocks, but these are much easier to predict and dodge. The Kany are going to be a big nuisance that can hinder you around the dangerous stone blocks, so be sure to lure them close and get rid of them before you attempt to cross any area with the blocks.

Rising ashes[edit]

You're now deep inside the volcano, and the boiling magma can be seen just below the ground. The majority of the enemies here are Galbo, fitting for the scorching interior of a volcanic crater. The Burning ability they grant might not be suitable here though, partly due to the pillars of magma that sometimes jut out from below. These pillars are stationary, but they will hurt you if you bump into them. Get ready once you reach the door at the end of this section, as you will start the minigame required to get this level's Heart Star.

Heart Star: Caramelo's speed counting[edit]

To get the Heart Star in this level, you will have to play yet another minigame that involves Gordos. You host is a yellow blob called Caramelo, and it will use bubblegum for this challenging minigame. Caramelo will blow up a bubble, then pop it, surprising some of the ten Gordos floating in the air. You must then observe how many Gordos have a surprised face and give the correct answer when prompted. Some Gordos will display a smiling face to throw you off, and the Gordos faces disappear much quicker the more answers you get correct. You must get three consecutive correct answers to pass the minigame and earn yourself the Heart Star.

Crossing the magma pool[edit]

There is even more boiling hot magma flowing just beneath the floor, but this time, the magma is bridged by thin platforms, meaning you can accidentally fall in if you press the wrong buttons. Other than the common Babut and Bobo that hang out in this hot cave, there are also blobs of magma called Magoo that sit right on the surface of the lava pools. These scorching balls of fire will wait for you to get close, then shoot up on to the surface. Jump in their general direction, then move away to safely dodge them and counter attack. Oddly, there are also Wapods coming out of clay pots floating on magma as you get close to the door. They aren't too much of a threat, but you do have to watch out for the exposed magma below their pots.

Out of the volcano[edit]

You have finally left the red hot caves of the volcano. Now you just have to traverse some tunnels with falling sand. The sand doesn't affect you at all other than slightly obscuring enemies behind it. There are many Propellers popping out of eggs as well as a few Sasuke descending from the skies as you navigate your way through the tunnels, but they are easy to see coming and handle. A mysterious Batamon also appears here. This odd Kirby-like creature can often be found wandering out of bounds, so you can't really interact with it. Some abilities can kill it, but you gain nothing from doing so. It is best to just ignore them, and proceed down the path to find the exit.