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At the other end of Sand Canyon lies a colony of mischievous creatures. Led by Pon and Con, this group of foxes and raccoons execute Dark Matter's plans across the desert, and are the key to it's grasp over the canyon. Defeat their leader, and you can sever Dark Matter's grasp on this forsaken desert.

Boss: Pon Con[edit]

Dark Matter's guardians of Sand Canyon is a team of two, Pon the raccoon and Con the fox. These cunning creatures command large armies of smaller raccoons and foxes, which often follow them into the battle or just help them fight. Pon, Con and all of their minions don't have any sophisticated attacks, only directly damaging you by bumping into you as they run across the multiple corridors, but they can be overwhelming due to their large numbers. Other than the sneaky animals, large bombs regularly drop down from above, and you'd definitely want to stay away from the blast.

Target either Pon or Con to deal damage, as attacking their minions does nothing to their health bar. Without a copy ability, you can simply inhale their little soldiers and spit them back to deal damage. The bombs can take out the small minions though, so you might end up with nothing to inhale if you're unlucky. You can inhale multiple minions in a line, and it is especially useful for spitting straight through the line of minions that usually guard Pon and Con. Overall, Pon and Con are really easy compared to previous bosses. The main difficulty of their battle is their high health, as they basically have twice the health of a normal area boss.

The unsettling essence of Dark Matter evaporates from the scorching heat of the desert, banished by the power of the Heart Stars, as Pon, Con and the rest of their colony is defeated and scattered. With another land free of doom and gloom, your next destination is high up in the skies. Whether it is crossing a mountain range or wading through clouds, Cloudy Park is sure to be a challenging step on the way to Dark Matter.