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White, billowing clouds stretches as far as the eye can see. The landscape is unchanging in the sea of clouds that is Cloudy Park, but there are plenty of enemies one can spot. Strong gusts rush up from below, propelling you high up if you stand above them. A hen and its chick resides somewhere within these clouds, but the chick has drifted away from its mother while trying to fly with a balloon. You will need something sharp and pointy to get the chick back on the ground and let it return to its mother.

In the clouds[edit]

Now that you're in the clouds, your vision of the ground is slightly obstructed by the cloudy surface, which can make enemies walking along the ground less visible. The main enemies in the starting section are Sasuke and Chillies, which can give you useful copy abilities for going through the level. At the end of the starting section, there is a small transition area with Nago, Pitch and Chuchu. In the following section, there are a few pits within the clouds from which air surges through, which will carry you upward when you jump over them. There are also many Waddle Dees, Sparkies and Broom Hatters throughout the area, but they aren't much of a threat. Past that area, the pits will grow bigger and Pterans become the main enemy, with a few Sir Kibble perched on random platforms as well.

The next section looks the same, but the ground dips down and is obscured by the foreground clouds. There are plenty of stars that you can get within these dips, and there are no pits that you can fall in, so stay grounded on the paths if you can. There are plenty of Scarfies floating around, although they cause minimal harm if you don't provoke them, as well as Propellers hatching out from eggs that do need to be dealt with quickly. Past that section, more air currents make an appearance, and you should use them to figure out the location of pits on the ground. There are plenty of Togezo on Star Blocks, which you would want to swallow to get their Needle ability, which is needed for the Heart Star in this stage. Once you reach the door, watch out for the Oro lying in wait, and defeat it to safely get to the door.

Heart Star: The floating chick[edit]

You're at the penultimate section, so the stage will end pretty soon. There are many air currents yet again that help you cross wide chasms, but some pits contain Pacto that will shoot out when you jump over them. The Pacto are easily seen, so you likely won't be surprised when they leap out. Once you reach the door, watch out for the sole Kapar there. The final area of the stage is pretty short, but it is also the key spot that lets you get the Heart Star of the level. There is a chick in this short section suspended by a balloon. You need to pop the balloon with the Needle ability, and doing so will let the chick reunite with its mother hen. Go through the exit door to see them both and claim your Heart Star.