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Storms surge in the southern part of Cloudy Park. Heavy rains pour onto the storm clouds in this gloomy area, forming pools of water high in the sky. However, persistent travelers can persevere past the torrential downpour, emerging from the rainclouds to a calm and breezy paradise. Be sure to polish your Gordo counting skills, as there is another counting minigame high up in the clouds. If you can continue in your winning streak, you'll find yourself with a nice Heart Star.

Stormy skies[edit]

Starting off, the terrain is pretty simple, being completely flat with the exception of shallow dents in the ground. Unique enemies called Mopoo hide in these pits, and they will spring out at you when you get close. However, they disappear as soon as they hit the ground again, so they aren't a big threat. Other than the Mopoo, there are also Bronto Burts and Bobo, the latter of which can give you an ability if you don't currently have one. There are also some Louds here as well, and you can expect to see them a lot throughout the level.

Raincloud pool[edit]

Cloudy Park is not where you'd expect to find a water level, but this section does include a large pool that needs to be swam through. Go through the first door to reach a rest area where you can choose between Kine, Rick and Chuchu as an Animal Friend. Kine is a good choice for this section specifically, but the other partners are simply better later on. As you swim through the bulk of the area, there are many Kapar and Bobbin that you must be careful of. There are plenty of Louds here, but their attacks cannot harm you if you stay in the water.

Heart Star: Tamasan's colorful Gordos[edit]

The clouds seem a bit brighter than before, and this area is indeed much calmer. The green blob right above you rotates freely, so you can choose where to launch yourself to. The path with the health item is the obvious choice, so try to aim yourself at it if you can. Don't worry about launching yourself into the Pasara, as you will simply blow past it without taking damage. Launch yourself from blob to blob until you eventually get shot on to a platform with a door. Go through that door to play the Heart Star minigame of Cloudy Park.

Tamasan is the host of this variation of the Gordo counting puzzle, and he gives the familiar game a colorful twist. There are twelve Gordos hidden within the center block, each of which can be one of three colors: red, yellow, blue or black. The Gordos will be revealed briefly before being obscured once again, and you must state the number of Gordos of a certain color as specified by Tamasan. Get all three answers correctly to earn the Heart Star. Go through the door to continue on!

Clouds galore[edit]

This is an auto-scrolling section with the screen slowly moving to the right. There are no straight walls or obstacles, so getting crushed is a minimal risk. However, there are many Bouncies and Poppy Bros. Jr. that can be quite hard to hit due to the way they move, especially with the sloped nature of this section. There is not much else there is to this level, and you might be tempted to enter the exit door the moment you see it. However, if you jump up and into the wall to the right of the door, you can find a neat easter egg. The wall is actually an obscured tunnel, and you can go through it to reach a small colony of Batamons! You can even come into contact and interact with one of these rare creatures, but they don't differ much from a standard enemy. There is another exit door here to end the level, and you don't have to worry about missing any other easter eggs this time.