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At the center of the strawberry cloud lies Dark Matter's star minion of Cloudy Park, Ado the painter. While she is not nearly as intimidating as the bosses of previous areas, she possesses the unique power to create huge monsters out of paint. With the templates of Dark Matter's strongest past bosses as a reference, you will need to survive a whole medley of fights to overcome this mad artist.

Boss: Ado[edit]

Ado is a unique boss as she can summon four other bosses to fight for her. You need to defeat each and every one of them to beat her. The first boss created is Ice Dragon, a fat, wingless dragon that uses frost powers. Ice Dragon will either spit out an ice block or charge at you while breathing ice. You will need to inhale the ice block to damage it without a copy ability, which is quite easy as the cube barely slides around once Ice Dragon spits it out. With a smaller health bar than most mini-bosses, Ice Dragon should be no trouble to defeat.

After that, Ado will summon Sweet Stuff the anglerfish. It will mainly use its angler to attack you, with the projectile launched depending on the animation around the angler. If the angler is surrounded by a round glow, it will launch bouncing starfish that can be inhaled and used as ammunition against Sweet Stuff. If the angler has a spiky sparkle, it will launch sparks at you which fly in a straight trajectory. Sweet Stuff can also attack you indirectly by jumping around. The arc of its jumps a tall and covers a short distance, so it is rather difficult to evade. Sweet Stuff's attacks are pretty telegraphed, so it won't be too much of a challenge either. Remember to conserve health for the remainder of the battle though.

Next up is a tag team of bosses, consisting of Mr. Shine the sun and Mr. Bright the moon. One of them will hover along the top of the screen while the other floats along the bottom, and they will swap positions from time-to-time. The top boss will periodically throw projectiles at the ground, while the bottom boss is simply there to hurt you if you touch it. The bosses' behavior also differ regardless of which side of the screen they are on. Mr. Shine will actively chase after you while Mr. Bright passively moves from one side to the other. The projectiles thrown by the top boss can be inhaled and spat back at either boss to deal damage. Once one of the bosses are defeated, the remaining celestial body will speed up and fly around the area in odd angles while still launching projectiles at the ground. This is where the difficulty starts to pick up, so you must be careful for the fourth and final boss.

The fourth of Ado's creation is Kracko, a classic Kirby boss. Kracko has two movement patterns: swooping across the screen or slowly hovering around, stopping to attack. Kracko will also use two types of attacks during either forms of movement, which is to create a thunderbolt aimed at the ground or launch out Kracko Jr. that move in a sine wave pattern. The Kracko Jr. can be inhaled to be used against Kracko when you lack a copy ability. Kracko's attacks are less predictable and more difficult to dodge than any of the previous bosses, so it will certainly give you a run for your money, especially if you've taken damage from before. It also has the most health out of all painted bosses, making it a challenge to endure too. However, keep playing carefully and you will defeat the last of Ado's paintings.

With no more bosses to paint, Ado will desperately try to attack you by flailing with her paintbrush. Any attack can defeat her at this stage, even a slide kick if you lack a copy ability. Once she flies off the screen, the boss fight is over!

Dark Matter's evil presence is forced out from the skies of Cloudy Park. The power of the Heart Star opens up the last leg of Pop Star, the cool world of Iceberg. In this hostile land lies King Dedede's castle, the base of Dark Matter's operations. With your ultimate enemy only a few levels away, you need all of the skills you've honed to conquer the final set of challenges in your path.