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The chilly path into Iceberg goes through two tall mountains. The first of the two mountains must be crossed around the outside, where harsh snowfall covers the ground with a white coat. Expect to do some climbing as you go through this snowy landscape. Even in these cold lands, some flowers can still grow healthily, but harsh snowstorms has caused some of these flowers to be frozen in ice. Find a way to thaw them out to get your first Heart Star in Iceberg.

Snowy mountain ascent[edit]

The starting section is mainly populated by Keke and Klinko, so you can easily grab yourself a Parasol ability at the start of the stage. However, you will son want to ditch that ability once you enter the following section. Here, you must climb up a mainly vertical portion of the level. Watch out for Rockies and Como falling from above, as well as the many Galbos that rest in the area. Get the Burning ability from one of the Galbos, as you need it to get the Heart Star at the end of the level. Once you reach the top, go left first to get a health drink, then run back to the door to continue on.

Heart Star: Thawing the frozen flowers[edit]

The constant snowing on the peaks of Iceberg makes it a hostile environment for plant life, and most of the plants growing here has frozen up. You need to use the Burning ability to defrost all of them, then avoid trampling them once they've thawed out. There are Bobos here that you can get the Burning ability from, as well as Mumbies and Kapar that are there to annoy you. In the middle of the section is a door leading to a small area where you can choose between Rick and Pitch. Either of these Animal Friends turn your Burning ability into a ranged attack, which lets you melt the icy flowers more safely.

Icy wonderland[edit]

Being such a cold area, it is only a matter of time before enemies that grant the Ice ability show up. There are now Chillies standing on top of various platforms, and they are pretty easy to dodge or inhale if you want the Ice ability. You will also encounter hopping Poppy Bros. Jr. and Waddle Dees, and they are similarly not much of a concern. In the next section, the snow will be moving to the left similar to the sand in Sand Canyon. Additionally, there are a few Wappa that will roll at you as you climb up the hill, so be ready to dodge them. You can try flying over the slope, but you must beware of the Babut that hang from the ceilings. At the very top, you have to contend with two more Mopoo cunningly hidden in the clouds before you go through the exit door.