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Past the mountain range, you must now cross a frigid river to the other bank, where Dark Matter's fortress is located. Swimming all the way across is not an option, but fittingly for the world's name, there are plenty of icebergs that you can use to cross the river. Find Chef Kawasaki and he will cook up a fun minigame for you. You've sharpened your eyesight for all of the previous minigames, but is your hearing top notch as well?

On thin ice[edit]

You need to traverse several icebergs in order to cross the icy river, and as you might expect, icy surfaces are slippery surfaces. You'll have a harder time coming to a stop after a dash, and changing directions on the ground can be tricky. Chillies are as common here as everywhere else in Iceberg, but you might also bump into some Corori that will push snowballs down slopes at you. Midway through the section is a door. Go through it if you want to take either Pitch, Coo or Nago with you for the level. After the partway door, the sloping ground ends and you'll have to continue forward by jumping across thin platforms, which are partially obstructed by the foreground. Watch your step and jump carefully, and beware of the Pterans that approach you as you try to jump across. Eventually you will reach the door, located on wider, flatter ice.

A frigid swim[edit]

Having traveled atop icy ground, you must now dive into the cold river to continue onward. Kapar and Blippers are your main enemies here, and they can quickly surround you if you don't swim fast or take them out quickly. Soon after you start swimming along the river, the screen will auto-scroll to the right. It can be quite hard to stay ahead, especially when swimming through the water if you don't have Kine, so try to keep as far right as you can to avoid getting crushed within the underwater icy labyrinth. You can get a Maxim Tomato in the middle of the auto-scrolling level, but make sure you have enough time to obtain it so that you don't lose a life trying to do so. You will eventually reach more open waters, but the screen will still continue to scroll. You can move around more freely, but you'll have to watch out for a new obstacle: ice boulders. These chunks of rock will tumble along in the water and they can't be destroyed, so do your best to avoid them completely.

Across the icy path[edit]

A huge wall of ice prevents you from going any further. Stand on the blocks of ice to cause them to melt, letting you drop down block by block. There are several stars you can obtain, as well as a health drink, but only one path will let you continue forward. You must then jump up a series of platforms with Gordos patrolling from left to right. Take your time and time your jumps carefully to avoid getting hit. Further on is a small gap that leads to a door. Go through it to choose between Rick or Kine as your Animal Friend. Rick in particular is quite useful if you dislike sliding across the ice, as his traction ensures you have perfect control on the ground. After that, you must go down a staircase with Gordos popping in and out. If you can't simply fly over it, you'll have to time your jumps carefully again to minimize any damage taken.

Heart Star: Chef Kawasaki's sound test[edit]

Chef Kawasaki had fought Kirby before, but now he has renounced his evil ways and instead hosts Iceberg's Gordo minigame. Unlike all of the previous minigames which involved looking and counting, Chef Kawasaki's game presents a more sound-based challenge. He will show five Gordos, each of which produce a different sound whenever he drops them on the ground. He will then hit the Gordo next to him with his pan to produce a certain sound. You need to select the Gordo that makes the same sound as the one he hit. Get the correct answers to win the minigame!

Hopping across the ice[edit]

The final section of the level is much more relaxing than the previous sections. It has two different areas, several ice platforms above a large pool of water. You can either swim inside the water or walk around on the platforms, and you can switch between the two paths any time you wish. The enemies on the ice consist mainly of Chillies, while Glunks populate the waters below. The Glunks' attack can still hit you above the ground, so watch out as you're jumping over one. There is a narrow pathway in the middle of the section where you can collect some stars and a health drink, but have to avoid the icicles that fall from above. After that is more swimming and platform hopping, and you'll have to dodge one final Glunk hanging form the ceiling to reach the exit.