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At the top of Dark Matter's castle is a possessed King Dedede, Dark Matter's strongest minion. Dark Matter has total control over the self-proclaimed ruler of Dream Land, and has granted Dedede a bunch of terrifying new abilities. You'll have no choice but to beat the evil out of him, but will Dark Matter be inclined to leave its most powerful vessel?

Boss: Dedede[edit]

King Dedede has two phases and two health bars. You need to defeat each phase to completely do him in. Dedede's first phase is his classic fighting style. He can inhale you and spit you out, leap and try to crush you or use his hammer to knock you around. The leap and hammer slam generate stars that can be inhaled and used to damage Dedede if you don't have a copy ability. Dedede in this state shouldn't be too hard, but his odd movement and attack pattern can make it annoying if you lose your copy ability.

Once Dedede is defeated the first time, Dark Matter takes over. It will make him float around in the air, and partially manifest itself on Dedede's stomach. Dedede has only two attacks now. His stomach will either turn into a set of teeth that can swallow and spit you out, or turn into Dark Matter's eyeball, which can generate dark blobs of energy that home in on you. The blobs should be used as ammunition instead, but King Dedede's erratic flight pattern makes it much more difficult to land hits on him this time.

Is this the end?[edit]

Once you defeat King Dedede, Kirby will have a short celebration. However, if you have not collected every Heart Star in the game, Dark Matter's influence will still be felt throughout the area. While King Dedede is no longer a threat, the threat of Dark Matter still looms over the whole of Pop Star. As the credits roll ends, a dark figure emerges over the sky...

If you do collect every Heart Star there is, Dark Matter's evil tendrils will be completely removed from every main area of Pop Star. All that's left is concentrated at the very center of the planet. Venture in for the true final battle of this game.