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Blocks fall in pairs from the top of the play area. The way these two block sections appear and fall is very similar to the pills in Dr. Mario. However the overall gameplay and objective is different.

How to play[edit]

When you line up two animal blocks in a row horizontally or vertically, the matched pair and everything in-between will disappear. If a different animal is in the way, it will not work. If there are more than two of the same friend in a row, then all that qualify will disappear. Any stars or obstacles in the middle of two lined up matching animals will also disappear.

Winning the game[edit]

The objective of the game is to score stars by placing one or more stars between two matching friends, which causes the friends and the stars to disappear, adding to the score total.

In Round Clear mode, once you have won the specific number of stars required for that stage the stage will end. Challenge and Time Attack work differently, since they are based on time. After a specific amount of time passes, you will be judged based on how many stars were gathered within the time given.

Specific blocks[edit]

There are 3 major block types: Kirby's friends, stars, and obstacles. Here is how each work:

  1. Animal blocks: There are three types of blocks (called "friends" in the game), based on Kirby's friends from Kirby's Dream Land 2. They are used to remove blocks from the field.
    • Rick the hamster
    • Coo the owl
    • Kine the fish
  2. Stars: These are worth points when they disappear. High scores and level objectives are based on total stars gained.
  3. Obstacles
    • Bomb blocks detonate when two animal blocks make them disappear. This causes all of the blocks that were on the horizontal row the bomb was on disappear.
    • Bricks don't disappear when removed from the playing field. Instead they turn into normal star blocks when they would normally be removed by being surrounded by a matching pair of animal blocks.