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There are four game modes in Star Stacker.

Note: there is a high score table for the Challenge and Time Attack modes, showing the top three scores for each mode.

Round Clear[edit]

This is the main game, split into five difficulty modes (Normal, Hard, Very Hard!, Super Hard, and Insane!), each with a certain number of rounds. Rounds are cleared by eliminating a set number of stars. Each stage takes on a theme, such as forests or the galaxy. When each round is cleared, the player is rewarded with special artwork using the themes of each stage.


The multiplayer mode used to play with friends.


An endless mode. The object is to eliminate as many stars as possible before the stack of blocks reaches the top of the screen; a hand raises up the set of blocks, introducing a new row. Like Round Clear, in game artwork is awarded depending on the amount of stars collected, often encouraging the player to try harder next time (until the final picture is received).

Time Attack[edit]

Eliminate as many stars as possible in 3 minutes.