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Growth Grasses are all straight-forward stages similar to the Plant Plain stage. A static barrier is introduced in this area. This field does not allow Rainbow Lines to be drawn in it, which makes traveling through it much more difficult.

Area 1[edit]

Kirby is dropped into a safe spot at the beginning of the level. The height of the screen is the same as the height of the area, despite the lack of physical barriers. So there is really no incentive to explore high and low. Just follow the point stars and avoid the open pits to get through the stage quickly. Draw Rainbow Lines to hop over the pits. The first landing contains a Waddle Dee falling with a fluff instead of a parasol, Bronto Burt, and a Waddle Doo. The Waddle Doo yields the beam ability, which is useful enough to grab. To attack enemies with it, simply hold the stylus on Kirby. Kirby will emit a radiating "whip" of energy destroying enemies and blocks in its travel radius. Also while the power is activated, Kirby will hover in mid-air.

Jump to the next ledge, collecting stars along the way. This ledge will have two Waddle Dees, which are easily destroyed with the beam ability. Continue rolling and enter the cannon. Kirby will be fired safely between a downward drifting Waddle Dee and a Bouncy, landing on a green pad which stops Kirby from rolling. To break free of the pad, cue Kirby to jump by tapping him with the stylus. Jump to the next two pads and disregard the Bronto Burts as they pose no threat.

Following the point stars to the next landing would cause you to miss the hidden door to the medal for Medal Swap purchases. Draw a line directing Kirby below the ledge and above the cannon. The three clear blocks indicate where the doorway is. Enter it, obtain your reward and proceed through the exit door. The door will exit to the cliff you just ducked under, spawning Kirby before the checkpoint. Go ahead and roll into the checkpoint pole to pick up a few more stars.

The next ledge is primarily a choice of getting point stars, an energy drink, or with some backtracking, both. To get point stars, draw your lines aiming for the higher portion. To pick up the energy drink, aim to land on the clear collapsible blocks below the floating ledge. Once touched, the clear blocks will disappear, so be prepared to use ink. Draw an angled line, sending Kirby above the Shotzo and the next landing will have the door to the next area!

Area 2[edit]

Area 2 is a vertically descending stage composed of staggered cliffs. To begin, dash forward, keep Kirby dashing while in air to safely attack the Waddle Dee on the next ledge. Fall through the revolving arms to collect point stars. A Waddle Doo can be found on the next cliff. As expected he yields the Beam ability. Not too far away a Bronto Burt will begin approaching to attack. The Bronto Burts in this stage are more aggressive as they actively pursue to attack. The small clouds in this stage hold Kirby in place, but can be destroyed by tapping them with the stylus, the beam whip, or dash attacks.

Continue descending, regardless of whether on the left or right, as the paths merge anyway. The next open area has three Bronto Burts, a Waddle Dee, and a Waddle Doo; fall into this area with an attack engaged. The Bronto Burts will quickly converge on Kirby activate the Beam Copy Ability to quickly eradicate them. Nothing is hidden in the star blocks, and no point stars are awarded so feel free to drop past them. Below this area, a set of the destructible clouds block the path, whip all of the with the beam, or tap them.

The right side of the next section has a bombable wall holding three Bronto Burts. Opt to whip them before opening the wall and collecting the medal. The left side contains another set of revolving arms that yield point stars when passing them. Fall again through more of the revolving arms, but draw a line to send Kirby to the left. Discard the Beam ability for the more useful Spark ability from the Sparky below. Pick up the Energy Drink and send Kirby down the central chute.

The room locks Kirby in as several bomb balloons appear, use the spark ability to attack them. The spark's power fires a concentrated electrical attack skywards. The balloons can also be defeated by tapping them. After defeating them all, the door to the next area will appear.

Area 3[edit]

The strange new static field is safe to pass through, however, while inside, Rainbow Lines cannot be used. Point stars are plentiful, and collecting a total of 100 yields a 1 Up. The enemies are clustered on the other side of the barrier, so be prepared to attack. Jump the open pit and at the pole that stops Kirby from moving, tap the star blocks ahead. The bubbles prevent Kirby from falling in the pit, but do pop after a short amount of time inside one. Tap any of the bomb blocks to destroy the bricks blocking the path. Dash past Bouncy and draw a rainbow line keeping Kirby above the static field to reap the most point stars. Hit the checkpoint pole, just in case of a deadly fall later.

The next area is a long ledge with enemies below, which can be completely ignored. Just don't tap the bomb blocks, especially not the one containing Gordo. Gordo is an indestructible enemy! Continue to the next ledge, drop any current copy ability. The enemy ahead yields the Tornado ability which is needed for the final medal. The anti-paint field ahead houses the medal. The tornado ability is somewhat difficult to control, but simply tap Kirby a few times and he should spin towards the medal. The exit door can be found directly below and a single 1Up can be found to the left of it.

Rainbow Run[edit]

Time Trial

  • 0:36:00
  • 0:43:00
  • 0:50:00

This challenge takes place in the third area of Growth Grasses. The time allotted for all three medals awarded at once is tight, but possible. Even the best of players may only finish under a second or two of 00:36:00. As with other stages, keep tapping Kirby to dash. The stage is a straight horizontal run mostly. The area requiring vertical travel is choked with star blocks and bricks destroyed by bomb blocks. Just tap enough to get through and draw rainbow lines to quickly reach the ledge. Begin dashing again, and draw angled lines to save time from the downhill slope in a static barrier. Continue dashing until the Twisty is visible, quickly hop over him and tap the bomb block. It may take a few attempts to get a smooth run completed, so try again immediately afterward while the stage is fresh in mind if the top time is missed.

Line Trial

  • 0290 ml
  • 0230 ml
  • 0100 ml

Area 1 of Growth Grasses is reused for this challenge. The amount of ink allotted is a generous 0600 ml. Although Kirby will need to draw many Rainbow Lines to avoid the pits, the 0290 ml limit can be easily overcome. Draw very short ramps (angled lines) and activate the dash attack before reaching them. When dashing into an angled line, Kirby will be sent in the air, eliminating the need for lines spanning from surface to surface. This stage is small and simple enough to complete with that one tactic. The other beneficial objects are the cannons which will shoot Kirby further without requiring any additional ink usage.